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General warranty

1. Warranty of the official dealer

The end customers have right to the usual warranty claims against the FLYER official dealer (depending on the agreement or applicable law; usually two years from the handover).

For the battery, a remaining capacity of 60% of the original nominal capacity is guaranteed, as long as the battery was operated and charged according to the operating instructions.

Non included in the warranty claims is the fair wear and tear of wear parts (e.g. tyres, tubes, chains, pinions, brake pads, painting, labels). It is in the responsibility of the end customer to maintain and to service the FLYER E-bike regularly (incl. carrying out all inspections according to the instruction manual).

Furthermore, warranty claims are excluded if the FLYER E-bike was modified or repaired by the users themselves or not used as intended. Usage for racesor competitions, commercial use, overcharging, and further usage outside of the intended purpose.

2. Manufacturer Warranty by FLYER AG

a. Warranties

Regardless of the warranty rights against the FLYER official dealer, FLYER AG voluntarily makes the following warranties for end customers as to new, completely assembled FLYER E-bikes that were assembled and adjusted by an authorised FLYER official dealer, starting with the date of purchase:

Frames: 10 years against frame damage; Motor, motor controller, display, charger: In principle 5 years against manufacturing and material defects; regarding FLYER E-bikes of the "Mountain"segment, 3 years against manufacturing and material defects.

For second hand bikes, the warranty period startswith the first registration.

b. Processing of warranty claims

Within the warranty period, FLYER AG bears thecosts for repair or replacement due to above-mentioned product defects, as far as these are statedby a FLYER official dealer authorised by FLYER AG after a clear identification of the FLYER E-bike (purchase receipt, completed E-bike passport, or upon corresponding registration). The warranty still applies after sale to a third party. Upon the exchange of a FLYER, FLYER AG, in the context of warranty obligations, reserves the right to supply or fit functionally equivalent goods.

The exercise of rights in connection with a guarantee does not lead to a prolongation of the initial warranty period. The same warranty limitations applyas listed under section 1.