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Upstreet5 | FLYER E-Bikes

Innovatively stylish.

Whether on the road, on a quick commute, or when veering off to ride on a country track, the Upstreet5 turns e-mobility into an experience! A powerful Panasonic motor, balanced geometry, and stable 28-inch wheels with wide tyres guarantee riding comfort and safety. Sophisticated innovations, such as the particularly intuitive operation of colour display and drive – with the option of fully automatic gear shifts – and the low-maintenance belt drive, ensure unlimited riding joy. The Upstreet5 is also available as a high-speed version with pedal assist of up to 45 km/h.

Price: from EUR 3'499.00

Panasonic GX Power / Panasonic GX Ultimate

Panasonic GX Power

The new Panasonic GX Power motor is impressive with its particularly smooth and quiet assistance. With 60 Nm torque and assistance of up to 300 %, the compact and light drive unit guarantees dynamic and relaxed riding even when going uphill.

Panasonic GX Ultimate

Weighing just 2,9 kg, the new Panasonic GX Ultimate is one of the lightest in its class, yet provides record levels of assistance with 90 Nm torque and 600 watts of peak performance. The new drive unit is impressive with its constant power output across an extremely wide pedal cadence range, which means the best level of assistance is also guaranteed at a low pedal frequency.

SIB-630 battery

The large 630 Wh battery provides plenty of energy for long tours that cover great differences in altitude.

FLYER display and remote

The control elements developed by FLYER are clearly laid out, simple to operate and perfectly ergonomic - quality you can touch and experience. The 3.5 -inch FLYER D1 display with comprehensive additional functions is available as an option. Find out more about FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT).

Integrated gears (optional)

The complete integration of the Enviolo TR Automatic gears into the FIT system means that gears can be changed fully automatically or manually. This is done via the FLYER operating console without a separate gear lever.

Gates carbon drive

The high-quality carbon-reinforced belt drive is clean, rust-resistant, and particularly low maintenance.

Battery handling

Smart battery integration makes it easy to change the battery and guarantees that the battery remains securely attached even on bumpy terrain. Convenient charging even when the battery is inserted thanks to protected charging port.

Geometries and instructions