Top athlete in e-bike fever

Professional Swiss biathlete, Selina Gasparin, provides an insight into her everyday training routine with FLYER e-bikes.

Selina Gasparin has known the CEO of FLYER, Andreas Kessler, for a long time, which is why she decided on FLYER e-bikes. “And FLYER and I are both Swiss, both represent the same values, and have both taken on a pioneering role”, explains Selina Gasparin. The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics silver medallist was 20 when she first encountered the sport of biathlon in Norway at a time when there were no professional biathletes in Switzerland.

How do a top athlete in peak form and an e-bike fit together? Selina Gasparin reveals that this is the question she gets asked most often. Selina Gasparin mainly uses the FLYER Uproc3, an e-mountainbike, as a training device. “I usually complete my intensive training units on skis or roller skis”, explains Selina Gasparin. “For longer basic endurance units the electronic assistance of the e-bike allows me to regulate my training better and to perform my units at the desired heart rate, which means that my training is always at the optimum level of intensity”, the top-ranking athlete continues.

However, Selina Gasparin not only uses FLYER e-bikes for specific training sessions, but also in her everyday life, for example when she needs to get to the biathlon arena. On these days she packs her training equipment into a trailer and rides to her shooting training on her FLYER Goroc1. “As there are numerous inclines in Lenzerheide and I can ride my e-bike all the way to the shooting stand, this saves me a lot of time”, reports the biathlete.

Selina Gasparin mit FLYER Goroc1

In addition to training, Selina Gasparin has also rediscovered biking as a hobby with the FLYER Uproc3. “I have never before had such a good-quality bike, which makes it easier to ride on more difficult stretches, which in turn motivates me to explore new trails”, explains Selina Gasparin. “And the electronic assistance means that, in addition to completing strenuous units, I can also go on longer tours”, she continues. With the biking region of Lenzerheide immediately outside her front door, there are more than enough trails for new adventures.

However, even when riding her e-bike in her leisure time, Selina Gasparin still finds herself competing. “My husband Ilja and I always have little competitions. The winner is the person who has more battery capacity left at the end of the tour”, explains Selina Gasparin. She grins as she adds that she usually wins the challenges.

by Yvonne Wyss
30 June 2020