With an electric bike, you can enjoy cycling again

Up hills and mountains and driving home in headwind. Actually, cycling would be much too tiring if it weren’t for the electric bike. An electric motor makes cycling fun again. The breeze and freedom on the bike can be enjoyed without too much effort.

Easily mastering difficult routes with an electric bike

Do you sometimes feel the same?


The sun is slowly rising outside and it’s not so cold anymore. There is basically nothing to stop you riding your biobike to work. My initial motivation quickly vanishes as I sit at the kitchen table and imagine my commute to work. After 40 kilometers, I get to the office out of breath and sweaty. Due to the lack of time/shower, I have to make do with just quickly wiping myself down. If I then start to think about the 10 kilometers uphill, I almost have the car key in my hand.


Shortly after the turn of the year and having made my New Year’s resolutions, I gave myself a 45 km/h model (Upstreet 7.23 HS). After all, I have decided to do more exercise this year. Now there are no more excuses. Especially because my partner would remind me of this every day. He’s not yet infected with the e-bike virus, and sort of made fun of both my intentions and my purchase.


I made it my mission to commute to work on my electric bike at least twice a week. In the morning, I take it easy. I choose the highest assistance level, enjoy it and arrive at the office without a single bead of perspiration. In the evening, I use my electric bike as a piece of sports equipment. My challenge on the way home: Set a new best time every day. In doing so, I rely on the lowest assistance level and work with a lot of muscle power – after all, the well-deserved shower is waiting for me at home.


If you still feel your hand reaching for the car key, these six tips may motivate you to switch to an electric bike.

Control and stability while riding

Modern e-bikes offer a balanced geometry that provides a great deal of control and stability when riding. Powerful disc brakes and bright front and rear lights provide additional safety. This is also important as electric bikes are often used at high speeds. And that is precisely why it is important to have complete control over your vehicle and its surroundings. You can make sure you have more control by taking the following small measures.

Up the mountain – on an electric bike

Now that you feel completely at home on your e-bike, it’s time to get a little wilder. Crossover and mountain e-bike models in particular are perfect for riding in the mountains or on trails. With modern mountain bikes, nothing will stand in the way of your spirit of discovery. The powerful motors allow you to overcome even the steepest inclines and steps – provided you have the necessary basic riding skills.


Various technical aids will help you climb mountains. You will particularly appreciate the adjustable seat post, the different assistance levels and sometimes the pushing aid.

  • with the Uproc X
    Boundless freedom

Cycling and enjoying nature

Have you ever thought about going on a bike tour on an electric bike? On a bike tour, you are closer to nature than you are with any other means of transport. And if you prefer to relax on holiday, an electric bike means a bike trip is no longer something only for sporty people. With an e-bike, even the less sporty among us can relax on a bike tour. As you will see, a cycling trip on an electric bike is something unique and great fun.


Sounds good, but the difficult bit is actually doing it? Below are some useful tips for your journey:

Planning a bike tour

Of course, a trip on an e-bike requires careful planning, as you are sometimes reliant on a power outlet. You'll not be wanting to worry about finding accommodation late in the evening after many kilometers of cycling. You will also be glad if you know where your tour will take you and which regions you should avoid. The more your travel planning takes on form, the greater the excitement gets. If you can share it with someone, it’s even better.


Our “MUSTS” that are part of good preparation:

  • Define your route
  • Determine the number of kilometers you want to travel every day
  • Pre-reserve accommodation
  • Hire e-bike or additional battery
  • Purchase any additional equipment (e.g.: bags/panniers)
  • Have your electric bike checked by a dealer you trust


Our tip: If you are new to bike tours, we recommend the Swiss Herzroute (Heart Route). The approximately 700 km long, well-signposted cycle route takes you from Lausanne to Romanshorn in 13 stages. At any stage location, you can obtain or return a FLYER e-bike from our partner Rent a Bike. Battery exchange stations ensure that you never run out of power on the go. And of course, you can also complete the route (Heart Route) with your own electric bike. Then we would recommend that you pack an extra battery or charge your bike over lunch at a restaurant.


Bikepacking – avoiding unnecessary baggage

When it comes to bikepacking, less is more. The lighter the luggage, the more agile you are and the more space you can find for a souvenir or two. So keep your equipment to a minimum. What may initially be a big challenge gets easier from one trip to the next.


Our “MUSTS” that are indispensable on a bike journey:

Rider equipment

  • Cycling pants
  • Functional shirts
  • Rain pants/jacket
  • Sweater
  • Underwear
  • Clothes suitable for wearing in a restaurant
  • Pajamas
  • Toiletries
  • Swimwear
  • Microfiber towel
  • Sun protection


E-bike equipment

  • Helmet
  • Lock
  • Charger / additional batteries
  • Mobile phone and cable (e.g.: for navigation)
  • Drinking bottle
  • First aid kit
  • Repair set / pump*

If you want to get even closer to nature, a tent, a sleeping bag and outdoor cooking equipment are also a must.


*Don’t worry if you don’t have bike repair skills yourself. A repair course in advance helps, and if not, you’re sure to find a specialist dealer along the way.

by Gina Emmenegger
27 February 2023