What is a fully e-bike?

A fully e-bike is a bike with electric assistance that has full suspension. The term fully thus refers to the presence of suspension elements on the fork (front) and at the rear. A hardtail e-bike, on the other hand, is a model that is only equipped with a suspension fork and therefore has a rigid rear fork construction.

The e-mountain bike with full suspension is suitable for technically challenging routes such as uneven forest passages, mountain paths and trails. The suspension elements cushion impacts and ensure a pleasant ride and better control of the e-bike.

Who is a fully e-bike for?

A fully e-bike is suitable for people who like to ride on technically challenging terrain. But also for people who enjoy taking a short, but comfortable after-work tour through the woods in the evening. Our ambassadors also use the FLYER e-mountain bike in competitions.


“The Uproc6 was my first e-MTB and it changed my idea of an e-bike. The ideal companion for exploring new trails, experiencing an adventure in the Swiss Alps or competing in enduro races.”

(Rémi Capelle, Elevation bike)

What are the advantages of a fully e-bike?

Versatile usability

Thanks to the various assistance levels, an e-mountain bike with full suspension can be used individually to suit your fitness level. After work, for example, it’s important to me to get the steep climb out of the way as quickly as possible. So I choose the highest assistance level to enjoy the rapid descent on the trail before sunset. But on the weekend, I really want to work out. Low assistance is enough for me and my legs do the rest. What’s more, the fully doesn’t impose any limits when it comes to choosing the trails. No matter how rough the terrain is, I can always get by on an e-bike with full suspension.



The range of fully e-bikes is huge, and so is the battery diversity. From the smallest battery with low watt-hours, which keeps the weight of your e-mountain bike as low as possible, to the DualBattery*, which promises maximum riding enjoyment. We recommend that you think carefully about where you are going to use the bike before buying. How long and challenging (total elevation gain) are the average routes you want to cover with the e-MTB? The answer to this question will help you, together with your specialist dealer, find the e-mountain bike most suitable for you.

Be aware that, in addition to battery capacity, there are many other factors that affect the range. For example, the riding style, the weight of the driver and the weather conditions, to name but a few.


Off-road capability

No ascent too steep and no descent too bumpy. With an e-mountain bike with full suspension, any terrain becomes a playground, no matter how rocky it is. For example, with the FLYER Uproc X, which offers unlimited riding enjoyment with 150 mm travel, a mixed wheel concept** and the 95 Nm Panasonic GX Ultimate Pro FIT motor.


Environmentally friendly

Compared to motorized vehicles, a fully e-bike is a more environmentally friendly alternative. For example, they do not cause any direct CO2 emissions such as exhaust fumes or pollutants while in use. You may even be able to charge the battery with solar power or other renewable energy sources. In addition, riding an e-bike helps to reduce traffic density and the associated congestion.


Health benefits

Riding a fully e-bike not only demonstrably helps to reduce stress, but is also a joint-gentle workout. The suspension significantly dampens impacts that would otherwise be transmitted to the joints and back unfiltered. At the same time, riding a fully e-bike requires a certain amount of stamina, which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. According to a study by Hanover Medical School, riding an e-bike every day reduces the risk of a heart attack by as much as 40%.


*DualBattery: Consists of a battery integrated in the frame and an additional battery attached to the frame.
**Mixed wheel concept: this refers to the combination of two different wheel sizes. The most common form is the use of a 29-inch wheel at the front and a 27.5-inch wheel at the rear.

What do you need to know about a fully e-bike?

There are a few points to bear in mind so you can enjoy riding for as long as possible. We have listed our top three for you:


To ensure your fully e-bike reaches a ripe old age, we recommend regular maintenance. This includes checking tire pressure, lubricating the chain, making sure the bike is clean after use and annual servicing. With the latter, the electrical system, such as the battery and the motor, is also tested extensively.


Wearing a bicycle helmet is an absolute MUST when riding a fully e-bike. We recommend that you also wear other protective equipment such as gloves, back armor and knee and elbow protectors, especially on trails. The more protected you are, the more courageous you are on the road.

In addition, you should only travel on routes that are expressly approved for mountain bikers and be considerate of any hikers.



There is hardly anything more annoying than a beloved item being stolen. Not only because of the administrative work involved, but also because you associate many wonderful moments with your e-MTB. It is therefore worth making sure that your e-bike is securely locked at all times and adequately insured in the event of an emergency. To this end, we recommend that you contact your insurance company and seek advice regarding the level of coverage of the purchase price.

We recommend these frame sizes when purchasing a fully e-bike

Of course, there are size tables that give you an idea of which frame size will suit you best. Nevertheless, our motto is: Do not buy a fully e-bike that you have not tested. It’s not just your height that counts when it comes to finding it. The stride length and, for example, the riding style also play a major role. If you like to ride on challenging terrain and prefer a more aggressive riding style, a slightly smaller frame offers more maneuverability. On the other hand, a larger frame is recommended for long tours with maximum comfort and smooth ride.


Our FLYER specialist dealers will be happy to assist you in choosing the right frame size. Find the specialist dealer in your region now.

How much does a fully e-bike cost?

This question cannot be answered in a one-size-fits-all manner. However, we are happy to provide you with information on the price range of our FLYER fully e-bikes (in Swiss francs):


We offer three equipment options for the Uproc3 and Uproc6. There are four different variants for the Uproc X.


Uproc3:             CHF 5,499 to CHF 6,899

Uproc X:            CHF 5,999 to CHF 10,999

Uproc6:             CHF 7,199 to CHF 11,199


Swiss premium quality has its price – we are convinced that our models are worth every Swiss franc.

by Gina Emmenegger
02 June 2023