Nutrition while e-biking

E-bike athletes benefit from proper sports nutrition too

It is obvious that riding an e-bike can be just as sporty as motorless cycling, hiking or cross-country skiing. In the end, it is the actual muscle effort that determines whether an activity is considered a physically demanding performance or a leisurely bike ride. The lower the support from the motor, the higher the actual calorie consumption, although it also depends on the weight of the rider and the riding speed, of course.



If you want to avoid hunger pangs, feelings of weakness or a drop in performance while in the saddle of an e-bike, you should pay just as much attention to your diet as other endurance athletes do. 


The most important tips and product recommendations for electric bike riders:


Drink according to thirst, ideally about 0.4-0.8 litres per hour. In hot temperatures and with heavy sweating, drink fluids containing electrolytes (minerals). For this purpose, SPONSER® recommends the low-calorie effervescent tablets ELECTROLYTES, or – when carbohydrates for energy are also needed- the sports drinks ISOTONIC with indulgent flavouring or the acid-free, mildly flavoured COMPETITION® (both in powder form for mixing).



If you are on your e-bike for more than an hour, or if you are riding particularly intensively, you should ingest energy in the form of carbohydrates after about 45 minutes onwards, so that you avoid getting the notorious "hunger pangs" on a longer tour. This can be solid food such as a ripe banana, a small flapjack like our OAT PACK, a fruity CEREAL ENERGY BAR or HIGH ENERGY BAR. If you have a lot of altitude ahead of you or occasionally experience stomach problems under stress, LIQUID ENERGY GELS in a tube or sachet are a good choice.

Sports food or menu?
Those who enjoy e-biking often like to stop for a coffee, a sausage salad, a piece of cake or even a portion of chips. There is nothing wrong with that in the first place. You just have to know that greasy, indigestible food stays in your stomach for a long time and can therefore make the second part of the tour more difficult. It would make more sense to eat specific and easily digestible sports foods during a tour and only treat yourself to the delicacies after the ride.



Extra tips for cramps
Athletes who are prone to muscle cramps during exercise are recommended to use the sour-spicy shot MUSCLE RELAX. The small bottle fits in every jersey pocket and can quickly put an end to cramps. SALT CAPS, dissolved in water, also provide valuable services for cramps and crises in the saddle.



Regeneration on multi-day tours
Electric bike riders who are on tour for several days in a row should make sure that they take in fluids, carbohydrates and sufficient protein as quickly as possible when they arrive at the stage finish. Ideally before taking a shower and stretching! For regeneration, RECOVERY shakes or PROTEIN DRINKS are just as suitable as non-alcoholic drinks, salty snacks, cheese cubes, cured meat, etc. Such food helps the muscles to recover quickly from athletic exertion and to be fit again the next day.




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by Milena Siegenthaler
05 May 2022