Ready, steady, spring!

Are you ready for your first e-bike tour?

Spring is on its way. So it's high time to dust off your e-bike and get it ready to go. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip or want to get back to work, the right preparation is essential. We’ll show you how to get yourself and your e-bike fit for the coming summer season.


The e-bike check

Begin by giving your e-bike a through clean. Important: remove the battery before cleaning. Use a soft cloth and a special cleaning agent for bikes.


Next you need to lubricate the chain. Use a good chain oil specifically for bicycle chains. But watch out: too much oil attracts dirt and dust. This is why you should wipe off any excess oil from the chain with a cloth after a short period of use.

Check the tire pressure before setting out on your bike for the first time, as air will always escape from the tires. Also check that the tire still has sufficient tread and that the sidewall is undamaged.


Finally, you should also check the brake pads. Are they already heavily worn? You can check the brake pads by shining a flashlight on the brake caliper. The pads should be at least 1 mm thick.


All it needs now is a short test ride – and your e-bike is ready for the coming season..


Of course, bicycle dealers also offer spring checks. If you don’t have the time or inclination to carry out the check yourself, take your e-bike to your nearest specialist dealer.


Fit for the summer – build-up training

You have probably been exercising a little less in winter, so it usually makes sense to slowly get used to cycling again. Start with some short rides at low speed. You can then gradually increase the length of the trips as well as your speed.



Avoid excessive strain at the outset and give yourself and your body enough time to get back into shape. The sooner you start this training, the sooner you will get back to your old form.

The right clothing

“March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers .” This saying pretty much sums up the entire spring season. Temperatures in the sun can almost feel summery warm, but in the shade it can still be icy cold. And there is always the risk of a sudden change in the weather. It therefore makes sense to wear versatile clothing that lets you adapt to different conditions.



We recommend the classic layer principle - which allows you to react quickly and easily to changing temperatures.

So, you've checked the e-bike and been for a test ride , the bike has been cleaned and you've selected the right clothing. Now you’re ready to go, right? Have fun!


by Dario La Cava
17 March 2022