What to look out for when you buy an e-bike

What do you want to use the e-bike for? What types of e-bikes are there? And what type of motor and battery should you choose? Try to answer these questions before you buy an e-bike.

What do you want to use the e-bike for?

Do you ride to work every day or use your e-bike in your free time? Do you go shopping on your e-bike or are you an enthusiastic mountain biker? An e-bike can meet all your needs if you can tell us what you want to use your e-bike for.


There are different types of e-bikes that are suitable for different purposes in everyday life. If you ride to work every day, an Urban e-bike is just the thing for you. It has a sporty seating position and the powerful motor will take you anywhere without you sweating.


A bike that is ideal for an active lifestyle in nature is a crossover e-bike. The mountain bike tires give you the grip you need on any surface, whether on an off-road track or on the road. The fender keeps your clothes dry and clean, and the rack allows you to carry whatever bag you need.


Are you more the type for day trips? No problem with a touring e-bike. The upright seating position is comfortable and relaxing, and allows you to cycle for hours. If necessary, this e-bike will also help you with your daily shopping and will take you as far as the horizon.


If you fancy an adventure, buy an e-bike for the mountains, also known as a mountain e-bike. You will master uphill and downhill with ease on a mountain e-bike. The powerful motor gives you the assistance you need for the ascent and gives you enough energy for the technical descents. When you’re back in the valley, you might want to enjoy another descent. The battery certainly has the power to get you back up to the top.


We have e-bikes for every occasion. Take a look at the models and find out what suits you best:

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How can you recognize a good e-bike?

If you’re ready to buy an e-bike, you need to know that you’ve invested your money well. It takes several years to develop and manufacture a good e-bike and a bike has to be safe but also comfortable. For many, the e-bike also has to look good and modern, but also be as light as possible.


Nobody wants to buy an e-bike that constantly needs to be charged while riding. The development of the drive system and the battery is just as important as the overall range of the battery.


The components are also important. When we talk about components, we mean the gears, the gearbox, the brakes, the light system. In other words, everything that is added to the bare frame of the bike. Make sure the components are of high quality. So you can be sure that your e-bike will last longer without repairs or a visit to a dealer.


Would you like to know more about the process of developing and manufacturing a good e-bike? Visit our blog.


E-bike drive system and battery capacity

There are different types of drive systems on the market, and we use two of them in our e-bikes. We use Bosch and Panasonic together with FIT. The motor determines what the riding experience on your e-bike will be like. That’s why it’s very important to try out the different systems before you buy an e-bike. This ensures that you have the best riding experience and feel safe every day.

What kind of wattage should a good e-bike motor have?

The performance of an e-bike motor is calculated from the torque and the speed, and is expressed in watts. The maximum continuous power of the motor (motor power) is legally limited to 250 watts in Germany and to max. 500 watts in Switzerland (at 25 km/h). The motors are, however, allowed to deliver more performance in the short term. For example, certain Panasonic motors in Switzerland emit 500 watts for a short time. This at a torque of 95 Nm and for 1-2 seconds at a pedaling cadence of 60 rpm. Due to the interplay between torque and pedaling cadence, it makes no sense for an e-bike to use the performance in watts for the power of an e-bike drive.


Motor torque, which is expressed in Newton meters (Nm), is therefore much more decisive when it comes to comparing motors. The greater the torque, the faster the e-bike accelerates and the more assistance the motor provides. If you prefer to ride on flat terrain, an e-bike with a low torque or a low Nm value will suffice. If, on the other hand, you want to tackle steep inclines comfortably and without sweating, we recommend an e-bike with a high torque. However, torque also affects battery consumption and thus the range you can achieve with an e-bike. The higher the torque, the higher the maximum power output and the power required. This results in a shorter range.


At FLYER, we offer you e-bikes with motors of varying power – from 50 Nm to 95 Nm. 

How powerful should the battery be on an e-bike?

Along with the drive system, the battery is decisive. If you ride short distances, a small 500 watt battery is sufficient. This also saves you some money because a smaller battery is less expensive. If you ride longer distances, you should opt for a larger 625 or 750 watt battery. This gives your motor enough power to get you from A to B quickly – even if the two are a little further apart.


We also have some models in our range that are compatible with an additional battery pack, also known as Dual Battery or Range Extender. This increases the range to up to 1,290 watts.

Are you curious about what we have to offer in terms of drive systems and battery packs? Read about it in our blog.


Look at the e-bike and test it

What does the e-bike look like and how does it feel when you ride it? There’s only one way to find out: a test ride. Try out as many bikes as you want and find out which one you like best. When you buy an e-bike, you should be sure that you like it and that it meets your needs. You also want to know if you feel safe and comfortable on the bike. If the bike suits you perfectly, you can be sure you will use it as often as possible.


There are several ways you can try out FLYER e-bikes before buying one:

These types of e-bikes are available from FLYER

As already mentioned, there are different types of e-bikes and we offer a wide range. Whatever your needs, see if we have an e-bike for you.

Urban E-Bikes

City dwellers – routine commuters, children’s transporters, night owl. City dwellers have countless reasons to ride a bike. Going with the flow, always discovering new routes or just heading straight home: Ride in style with a FLYER Urban e-bike.

Touren E-Bikes

Hello horizon – up and down. Over rolling hills, through peaceful valleys, and beside tranquil rivers. Together with friends and family, traveling all over. Accelerate and keep pace easily: A FLYER touring e-bike makes extended tours relaxing and fun.

Crossover E-Bikes

Adventures in everyday life – winding roads, unpaved paths, beaten tracks. Whether you’re enjoying some time out in the mountains or carrying out day-to-day activities in town: With a FLYER Crossover e-bike, you keep all possibilities open. Wherever, whatever – the fun factor comes first.


Mountain magic – strong off-road, maneuverable on trails. Sporty on the way to the summit, absolutely confident and fun on high-speed descents. With a FLYER mountain e-bike, you can conquer almost any terrain and feel the thrill.

by Marco Alessandri
24 February 2023