Drive system

The heart of every FLYER® e-bike

FLYER® developers ensure that every e-bike is equipped with a suitable drive system. Thanks to our many decades of know-how and our clear focus on e-bikes we know which drive system is ideally suited to each FLYER® e-bike and carefully select the drive systems in all segments and for all series.

Integrated and intuitive: FIT e-bike systems

FIT e-bike system integration, which we developed ourselves, raises our e-bikes to a completely new level on the evolutionary ladder. By networking all the key bicycle components, FIT optimises their interplay and allows us to integrate the best components into a complete system. The system has four assistance levels: eco, standard, high, and auto. In auto mode, the assistance level automatically adapts to the topography and pedalling behaviour, which allows extremely efficient riding.

Versatile and market-leading: Bosch eBike Systems

FLYER® e-bikes with a Bosch drive system combine the many years of know-how we have gained as a Swiss e-bike pioneer with the German art of engineering provided by Bosch eBike Systems. The Bosch e-bike system provides four levels of assistance: eco, tour, sport / eMTB, and turbo. The sport mode offers powerful assistance for universal use in city traffic. The eMTB mode guarantees progressive assistance and ideal control in open country.