Warranty policy

Valid from 05/2021


1. We offer our end customers the following manufacturer’s warranties on their purchases:


1.1 FLYER Plus Warranty (valid from the date of the purchase receipt for all new FLYER e-bikes from model year 2021, final assembled by a FLYER specialist dealer or, in the case of online sales, complete bikes pre-assembled for fine adjustment by the customer).

  • Five years for frame
  • Two years for components and electronics
  • Two years for battery (residual capacity of at least 60% after two years or 500 full charging cycles, whichever is reached first; provided that the battery has been operated and charged in accordance with the operating instructions.)


1.2 FLYER Premium warranty* (conclusion of a Premium warranty contract within twelve weeks of the purchase of a new complete FLYER e-bike from the 2021 model year fully assembled by a FLYER dealer or, in the case of on-line purchases, of a newcomplete FLYER e-bike from the 2021 model year pre-assembled by FLYER ready for fine adjustments to be made by the customer; price: CHF 190.00)


• Five years for frame

• Four years or 12,000 km (depending on what is reached first) for components and electronics

• Four years for battery (residual capacity of at least 60 % after four years or 1000 full charging cycles, depending on what is reached first; provided that the battery has been operated and charged in accordance with the operating instructions)

* Important notice:
The digital reference platform for the FLYER Premium Guarantee, the FLYER Guarantee Portal, is unfortunately not currently available due to technical problems.


However, we at FLYER AG promise you today that you will be able to purchase the warranty extension via the FLYER Premium Warranty in the near future, regardless of the purchase date of your FLYER e-bike. This applies to all FLYER e-bikes from model year 2021.


Should a warranty claim arise in the meantime, you will automatically be covered by the general warranty of 2 years.



2. The end customer must submit claims under the warranty to an authorised FLYER dealer with the purchase receipt or other conclusive proof of purchase immediately after the emergence of a defect.


3. Before providing services under the warranty, we shall verify the existence of a warranty claim with help from one of our authorised FLYER dealers. This shall take no longer than 20 working days.


4. Services under the warranty shall be provided at our discretion, either by repairing the defective part or supplying a replacement. Replaced parts shall become our property.


5. Our warranty shall be void if the maintenance intervals specified in our operating instructions are not observed or maintenance is not carried out properly. As a basic principle, we shall assume that maintenance services performed by an authorised FLYER dealer are carried out correctly. Services under the warranty are also excluded in the following cases:


5.1 The warranty cover excludes any negligible deviations from the stipulated quality that do not affect the usability of our FLYER e-bikes, any damage caused by normal wear and tear (e.g. scratches on the frame), wearing parts and batteries, unless specified otherwise above.


5.2 Services shall not be provided under the warranty if the defect is a result of improper use of our FLYER e-bikes, for example, overcharging or inadequate or missed maintenance.


5.3 The warranty cover also excludes damage caused by repairs, adjustments, modifications or any other procedures that were not carried out by an authorised FLYER dealer.


5.4 The warranty cover excludes accidental damage or damage verifiably caused by a third party (e.g. vandalism), fire or frost.


5.5 Services carried out by a FLYER dealer do not constitute services under the warranty. This also applies to travel expenses, third-party services, overtime expenses, manufacturing costs, hire of special equipment and testing devices, costs that would also be incurred during ordinary maintenance and any claims for other damage caused outside of the e-bike, unless liability is required by law.


6. Carrying out services under the warranty shall not extend the warranty period or initiate a new warranty period. The warranty period for replacement parts shall end when the warranty period for the original FLYER e-bike expires.


7. Claims arising from this agreement shall not affect the seller’s obligation to provide a warranty.


Huttwil, 05/2021