25 years of FLYER: quality thanks to strong partners

Bernhard Lange, Managing Partner of the company Paul Lange, on the long-standing business relationship with FLYER.

Paul Lange & Co. OHG is the German general representative for Shimano components. The original FLYER, the “Red Buffalo”, incorporated high-quality Shimano components and they have been used at FLYER ever since series production started. Shimano also offers an e-drive for bicycles, but FLYER is not (yet) one of the company's customers for this product.


How long have you known FLYER e-bikes for and have you ever experienced a FLYER e-bike for yourself?

I have known FLYER for 25 years, so from the very beginning. And yes, it goes without saying that I have been on several FLYER models for test rides, even though I haven't always liked FLYER’s choice of motors. There is definitely still room for improvement in this area.

How would you describe FLYER? What does FLYER do particularly well?

As a pioneer, FLYER undoubtedly had a significant influence on the image of today's e-bikes, but despite this, the company has always also taken up, integrated, and further developed modern trends. What does FLYER do particularly well? Well, in Switzerland in particular but also beyond the country's borders, FLYER is frequently used as a synonym for “e-bike” or "pedelec”. When people want to say, “I’m going to buy an e-bike”, they often simply say: “I’m going to buy a FLYER”. I think that is the best description of what is special about this brand. And it goes without saying that the quality and precision of the proverbial Swiss clockwork also distinguishes FLYER products.

What is interesting about working with a “small” brand such as FLYER? Or is FLYER simply one customer among many?

I come from a family of successful traders and grew up with the principle: “The customer is king". Every customer! This means that the size of a customer – or rather a partner – makes no difference to us in terms of the quality of our cooperation. I have always found FLYER to be an extremely sound and straightforward partner, which has always made working together pleasant, irrespective of whether we had the same or differing opinions on individual issues.

Can we ask you to look ahead to 2045? Where will the e-bike be and where will FLYER be?

If I look ahead to 2045, I see the following scenario: in 2045, FLYER is the e-bike development centre of ZEG and has just launched the first freight bicycle with a vehicle load capacity of one ton onto the market. In general terms, I am sure that in 2045, it will be impossible to imagine streets in cities but also in rural areas without bicycles and, in particular, e-bikes. By then we will have an infrastructure that makes bicycles and e-bikes even more “normal” as a means of transport. In 2045, e-bikes will probably make up 30 per cent or more, depending on the region, of all bicycles sold. And I am convinced that, thanks to innovative and high-quality models, a large proportion of these e-bikes will be FLYER e-bikes in 2045, too.

What would you like to wish FLYER for its birthday?

First of all, I would like to congratulate FLYER, the management team, and of course all the employees on the occasion of this anniversary. For the next quarter of a century – and beyond – I hope that FLYER maintains the innovative spirit of the brand and its intuition for trends and demand, so that the success story of the past 25 years can continue seamlessly. As a company we will continue to accompany the FLYER brand along its way and would like to wish you all the best. Happy birthday, FLYER!

by Anja Knaus
23 July 2020