25 years of FLYER: Switzerland by e-bike on the Herzroute (Heart Route)

The Herzroute is a bicycle route that runs from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva. The solitary, hilly paths lend themselves particularly well to being explored on an e-bike. Since 2004, FLYER has worked in close cooperation with the most beautiful Swiss bicycle route, namely bike path number 99.

FLYER riders have been experiencing a sense of personal freedom in all aspects of life for a quarter of a century now: every day; on their way to work; in their leisure time; when travelling; and when exercising. And, it goes without saying, on the Herzroute, which FLYER has had a close connection with from the very beginning. Overcoming an impressive difference in altitude of 12,000 metres, the Herzroute covers 720 kilometres in thirteen stages and runs through the most beautiful areas in the foothills of the Alps.


The Herzroute was founded in 1989. Inspired by a bike tour through the USA, Paul Hasler, a creative thinker and self-starter from Burgdorf, initiated an ambitious project with his Büro für Utopien (office for utopias). His vision was a bicycle route that would reflect the culture and versatility of Switzerland.


It was only in 2003 that the initiator received permission to mark out the first partial section of the route and the first leg between Willisau and Lützelflüh was inaugurated: an e-bike route through a unique landscape not far from the FLYER production site at the time in Kirchberg (Canton Berne). In the same year, FLYER achieved a bicycle market breakthrough with its legendary C Series.

A great deal of motivation, indefatigable work, and a belief in the e-bike helped both the Herzroute and FLYER overcome many an obstacle in the early years. The e-bike pioneers in both companies were often derided at the time. Organising the route layout of the Herzroute, which is a popular tourist attraction, was extremely labour intensive. With the aim of avoiding road traffic as much as possible, the route includes many agricultural roads. Negotiations with authorities and property owners required a great deal of time and patience.


The longer the cooperation lasted, the more both sides recognised the synergies that were developing for them. While the Herzroute became the ideal test terrain for people who were interested in FLYER e-bikes, FLYER provided the Herzroute with the foundation for an increasingly substantial and spectacular route design.

Today, you can ride from Rorschach to Lausanne in thirteen stages. The designers of the Herzroute have incorporated additional loops in particularly charming landscapes, such as the Emmental valley and the Napf region. With FLYER e-bikes, you can hire appropriate companions for this journey that takes you through the most beautiful aspects of nature, historical old towns, as well as the steepest ascents. Battery charging stations en route provide fresh energy and refreshments.

Looking back, both companies have built on previous achievements that have already made history. Thousands of guests hop onto the saddle of a FLYER e-bike every year to discover Switzerland on the Herzroute.

by Anja Knaus
24 July 2020