5 reasons to date a cyclist.

Valentine's day is not the only good reason to go out and do something or to get to know somebody new. With a touch of tongue-in-cheek humour, we have compiled five good reasons to date a cyclist.


1. Be surprised.

Cyclists usually know exactly where to go in every part of town: cosy cafés, traditional beer gardens, and chic bars, as well as secluded spots in the park and by the nearby lake. Let the other person choose where to go and allow yourself to be surprised.


2. Casual outfit.

A long evening gown or tight and uncomfortable high heels? A cycling enthusiast certainly won't expect that. It is better to wear loose clothes that are suitable for cycling so that you can jump onto your bike if you suddenly decide to go somewhere else.


3. No more waiting.

E-bikers love their freedom and don't have to rely on public transport or cars. They cleverly weave their way in and out of traffic and are always on time for appointments. This means that the tedium of waiting for your date to turn up is a thing of the past.


4. Experience something.

There's always something going on with a cyclist. Be inspired by his or her sense of adventure! A bike ride after work, a longer tour at the weekend, or an active holiday in the south – it will certainly never be boring.


5. Filled with happiness.

Over longer distances, cycling as an endurance sport causes the increased release of endorphins and serotonin, which make you feel happy. This means that you can leave grumpiness and mood swings behind you and enjoy harmonious times instead. Make the most of every moment of your happiness!


by Yvonne Wyss
18 January 2020