7 tips for staying safe on the road with your FLYER e-bike.

Seven safety tips for en route.

  • Select an e-bike with pedal assist adapted to your own riding ability. Your FLYER dealer will be happy to advise you.
  • Due to the higher speed, braking distances are longer with an e-bike, especially if you are transporting children, which increases the weight. Remember this when you are braking.
  • Other road users tend not to be used to fast e-bikes and often underestimate them. It is always good to check one more time before turning or overtaking.
  • Always wear a bicycle helmet to protect your head.
  • Use your light when riding, even during the day, to make sure that other road users can see you.
  • We recommend that you wear reflective clothing at night, in particular, and at dusk.
  • We recommend that you attend a safe riding course to learn the basics of safe riding and to practise them with others. FLYER offers regular riding safety courses. The dates are always announced at the beginning of the year.
by Yvonne Wyss
05 October 2020