9 tips for the ultimate e-bike travel adventure.

Travelling by e-bike is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and discover routes in a whole new way. With the right planning and preparation, an incredible adventure awaits you.


Good preparation is the most important thing.

1. Plan a realistic goal.

Bikepacking adventure, leisurely camping holiday interspersed with a few e-bike tours or a relaxed break in a hotel? Plan your holiday realistically – if you haven't yet been on many e-bike adventures, then perhaps an off-road bikepacking adventure isn't quite the right thing for you. How about a relaxing holiday with some easier e-bike tours instead?

2. Be physically and mentally prepared.

Before you embark on a long adventure, you should be aware that your trip may be physically strenuous. The mental aspect shouldn't be underestimated either. Those of us with a few trips under our belts know how challenging it can be to sit on an e-bike all day, to concentrate on the route conditions and to continuously ride on. Take it steady, have realistic expectations and destinations and be aware that you will often need to be flexible.

3. Go on a small test ride.

Simulate a small part of your journey and, ideally, plan in an overnight stay. This will allow you to accurately estimate how many kilometres you can cover a day and, most importantly, what you will need to take with you. Then you will know what to expect and can set off on your e-bike trip with greater peace of mind.

4. Pack correctly.

Only take the most important things with you and leave any unnecessary bulky items at home or in your hotel room. Also take note of our packing rules and plan for a possible change in weather by packing the appropriate gear.

Full of energy on the go.

5. Plan realistic routes.

After your test ride, you will know roughly how many kilometres you can cover each day. Even so, plan realistic daily legs so that you have enough energy right to the end of your holiday and the fun isn't taken out of your adventure. Factor in enough time for pit stops, sightseeing and recovery breaks. Think about whether you will have to charge your e-bike battery on your trip or whether it will have enough charge for the whole tour. You can find suggestions for your routes on the navigation app komoot, for example.

6. Where are you staying tonight?

Keep overnight options in the back of your mind when planning your route. Can you find a suitable place for camping on the route? Will you have enough energy for a round trip back to your hotel?

7. Keep up your energy levels!

If your e-bike tour lasts longer than four days or even several weeks, you should head to larger places from time to time so that you can regularly stock up on food supplies. Even if you are only going on shorter tours, it is wise to eat a good breakfast before the tour and to take snacks with you.

8. Is a minor repair needed?

We recommend taking a small tool kit with you so that you are equipped to deal with minor problems en route  and can carry out small repairs in next to no time.

Back home.

9. Look after your e-bike.

You’re not the only one who needs rest and care after a good long tour – your e-bike needs this too! Take note of our tips, attend one of our FLYER maintenance courses and, if needed, get your e-bike checked over by your FLYER dealer.

by Yvonne Wyss
01 November 2019