Awards & tests

It is an honour for us to have our e-bikes and their innovative technologies put through their paces again and again by independent experts and testers. We are pleased that our e-bikes have not only celebrated a multitude of test victories, but have also prevailed in various awards. Our goal is to offer our customers only the best. Therefore, the results of tests and awards are an important confirmation for us that our e-bikes are of high quality and innovative.


We are very proud of our test wins and awards and are pleased to be able to offer our customers a product that combines the best of design, technology and performance. Take a look at our awards and see our e-bikes for yourself with a test ride at your local dealer.


New Upstreet SL wins Eurobike Award 2023.

The Upstreet SL is a lightweight at 18 kilograms and is thus exactly the kind of flexible e-bike that leaves nothing to be desired in everyday life. The design, lightness and flexibility of the Upstreet SL impressed the Eurobike Award jury – the lightest FLYER e-bike to date has received the Eurobike Award 2023 in the e-bike category.


The Eurobike Award 2023 is the most renowned award for innovative and high-quality new products in the bicycle and future mobility industry. The Eurobike Award not only tracks current industry trends, but also aims to encourage the further development of product innovations and successfully position them on the market by honouring outstanding innovations.

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Gotour6 3.40 is Stiftung Warentest test winner

Stiftung Warentest tested a total of 11 city e-bikes with an integrated battery and comfortable low step-through. 


With an overall score of 1.9 (GOOD), our Gotour6 3.40 is clearly at the top of the test field. In particular, the testers praise the stable handling even under heavy loads and the good functioning of the 5-speed internal geared hub. In addition to best handling and overall good equipment, the test report also highlights the convincing functionality of the quiet motor and the powerful lighting system.

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Gotour 7.10 is test winner in its category at subjected the FLYER Gotour 7.10 to an intensive test. With a score of 8.1, the Gotour was the test winner in its category.


The testers were particularly pleased with the Gotour's clear display and excellent build quality. In addition, the powerful motor assistance, the gentle support and the pleasant handling were also rated very positively.

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Winner of the Design & Innovation Award 2023.

The jury of this year's Design & Innovation Award confirms: «The Upstreet 7.10 from Swiss premium manu-facturer FLYER is a sporty, elegant, and versatile all-rounder that is unrivaled on the e-bike market. In everyday life, it shines thanks to the smooth ride bikers enjoy, creating a great sense of safety. At night, the Urban bike impresses with its lighting system, which is functionally and elegantly integrated in the design stem at the front and in the fender at the rear, as well as the battery port on the side.»

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Upstreet 7.43 awarded «very good».

ElektroRad subjected our Upstreet 7.43 to a full-scale test. With the 91 points achieved, the superior family bike is rated «very good».


The jury's conclusion: «The Flyer Upstreet 7.43 is a very mature, sovereign urban e-bike with which you also like to go on a big ride.»

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