Adventure on the Herzroute: from Laupen to Huttwil on a FLYER e-bike.

Two down, four to go. Gina, her mother Beatrice, and Gina’s best friend, Janine, left Rosshäusern and headed towards Thun. After a short time, they rejoined the Herzroute.


Day 3: From Laupen to Thun along secret paths.

Gina’s boyfriend, Dominik, decided on the spur of the moment to accompany the three women on the 64-kilometre journey with an altitude difference of 1,100 metres on Day 3. “Dominik rented a FLYER e-bike at the Rent a Bike station in Laupen and then returned it in Thun after our trip on Day 3”, Gina explains. The Herzroute took the group through the mystical Scherligraben, a scenic gem much like a fantasy world, where one could imagine elves playing games straight out of Dungeons & Dragons.


The segment over the Längenberg mountain offers great views, so the e-bikers took a break to enjoy them. They first looked out over the Jura mountains, then towards the Alps, and finally into the distance to the deep-blue waters of Lake Thun. They then stopped at Restaurant Bütschelegg, where they were able to recharge their own batteries and those of their electric machines. “We recharged our batteries and ate some delicious potato rösti”, Gina explains. Day 3 ended with a thrilling downhill segment to the valley floor near the Gürbe river, and the group’s arrival at their destination, Thun.


Lunch menu (Rösti) on a FLYER E-Bike excursion on the Herzroute

Day 4: From Thun to Langnau and the heart of the Emmental valley.

After spending another night in an Airbnb, Gina, Janine and Beatrice headed out towards the Emmental valley. Dominik had gone, but now Katrin joined them on their e-bike adventure. Katrin has been working for FLYER for many years, so it goes without saying that she had her own e-bike with her. Covering 72 kilometres (the longest stretch of the tour) and an altitude difference of more than 1,400 metres, the fourth leg of the journey inspired respect among the entire group. “We also had tickets for the Divertimento performance in Bern for the evening and we weren’t sure if we would make it on time”, says Gina.


“The fourth leg was difficult and the temperature was very cool for May, but here as well, we were rewarded with fantastic panoramic views of Lake Thun, as well as some fast downhill stretches. The route also took us past a lot of very beautiful farms in the Emmental valley.” In the end, they also made it to the performance in Bern on time and without any problems.


Gina and her companions on the heart route

Days 5 & 6: From Langnau to Huttwil through the Emmental valley.

On Day 5, Gina, Janine, Beatrice and Katrin rode up and down the hills of the Emmental valley, passing by many traditional local farms, before finally arriving in Burgdorf after travelling 45 kilometres with an altitude difference of nearly 900 metres. Katrin, who lives in Burgdorf, decided to take the group on a tour of the town in the evening – and also offered everyone a place to sleep.


She prepared a lovely breakfast the next morning to fuel the group for the last leg of the tour. The e-bikers packed up their things for the last time and headed out. “We stopped off in Affoltern to visit one of our co-workers, Hanspeter, at his farm, to have a look around and enjoy a snack”, says Gina.

Back in the saddle again, Gina, Janine, Beatrice and Katrin discovered that the Herzroute crosses the Grand Tour of Switzerland route, so they decided to stop at the observation point in Affoltern to take a few photos and capture the moment.

Stop on the Herzroute in Affoltern i.E. at the viewpoint of the Grand Tour of Switzerland

From there it was just a hop, skip and a jump to the group’s final destination. After travelling 380 kilometres, the visibly pleased e-bikers arrived in Huttwil, where Janine returned her e-bike to the FLYER rental station. Exhausted, thrilled and their minds filled with countless memories, Gina, Janine, Beatrice and Katrin boarded the train in Huttwil for the journey back home.

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Gina and her companions after completing the FLYER E-Bike Tour on the Herzroute in Huttwil
by Yvonne Wyss
23 September 2019