Battery and range

Questions and answers about FLYER e-bike batteries

All FLYER e-bikes are equipped with high-performance batteries that contain specially developed cell types for use with e-bikes. They offer an ideal balance between capacity, performance, weight and service life. The special feature of lithium-ion batteries is their particularly high energy density. This means they can store more energy and are relatively low in weight.


FLYER SIB-630 battery

The large FLYER Smart Integrated battery (630 Wh) provides plenty of energy for long tours that cover great differences in altitude.

The SIB-630 battery is partly integrated into the frame and boasts ideal battery handling, with it being exceptionally easy to remove and insert into the frame.

FLYER e-bike battery SIB-630

FLYER STB-750 or STB-630 battery

The high-capacity FLYER seat tube batteries with 630 Wh (STB-630) or even 750 Wh (STB-750) are what make our FLYER e-bikes frontrunners when it comes to range and altitude. The battery can be charged on the bike itself or easily removed. The large grip area makes for simple handling.


Some of our FLYER e-bikes are fitted with Bosch eBike Systems drive systems. More information about Bosch eBike Systems batteries.


Charging the e-bike battery

Storing the battery

Performance and range

Cleaning and disposing of e-bike batteries