Bikepacking: discover your thirst for adventure!

Escape from your everyday routine, pack your things, and simply ride off and switch off. What could be better than setting off on your FLYER e-bike on a warm spring evening and leaving your everyday worries behind? It doesn't always have to be an extensive cycling holiday: a long weekend or an outing with an overnight stay (an “overnighter”) is usually enough to recharge your batteries and find some fresh impetus for everyday life.


The perfect bikepacking companion.

Overnighters are ideal for heading off on your own and enjoying some time to yourself. However, one companion is essential for this: your bike! A versatile all-rounder is what you need for riding on asphalt and off-road. It is up to you whether you choose the Goroc1, which is our sporty all-rounder, the versatile Goroc4 (these are both hardtails), or the FLYER Goroc3 or Goroc4, our multi-talented e-bikes with full suspension. All these models have one thing in common, namely that they are excellent both in town and in the mountains. Equipped with high-quality mudguards, a luggage rack, lights, and a bike stand, they are the ideal companions for your extended tours with luggage on and off paved roads.


The perfect bikepacking route.

Cycling holiday? Long weekend? Overnighter? No idea what to do on a tour? The komoot navigation app is always able to help. While you don't want to ride too far on an overnighter – given that you want to be back at the office on time the next morning – a long weekend gives you the opportunity to ride further afield. Think about where to spend the night when planning your route. Is there a campsite or a bike hostel along the way? If you have a sleeping bag, mat, and tent with you and would like to spend the night off the beaten track, remember that in most places you need permission to pitch your tent. If you explain your plans to the person who owns the land, there will usually not be any objections provided you leave the site exactly as you find it when you leave.


The perfect bikepacking equipment.

Experienced outdoor fans have probably already got quite a bit of equipment at home, but novices don't need to worry. Make sure that your luggage is not too heavy and that you pack it properly onto your e-bike. Don't forget to take the right clothing with you for en route and for at night. You should also remember to pack what you will need for the following morning. Take as much as necessary and as little as possible with you, so that you do not expend unnecessary energy by transporting too much baggage.

And off you go for your next FLYER e-bike adventure.

by Yvonne Wyss
18 October 2019