8 Tips to prevent bicycle theft

In the past two years, the number of thefts of e-bikes has increased by nearly 75 percent. This is evident from a study of police figures. Off course there are bicycle insurances that protect you against damage and theft of your bicycle. But prevention is always better. We have listed 8 tips for you to prevent theft of your bicycle.

1. Go for a lock with ART certification

For an insurance company it is already a requirement, but always go for a lock with ART-approval. These locks have been extensively tested and meet the mandatory security guidelines. With the number of stars (2 to 5) you can see to what extent your bicycle is protected.


2. Extra lock

Even better than 1 lock; 2 locks. Invest in a good quality cable or chain lock to secure your bike to a lamppost or bike rack. This way it is more difficult to take your bike with you. Tip: use the second lock to secure the frame and not the wheel.


3. Fasten an extra lock tightly and high up

How annoying is it to work above your head? That is what bike thieves think too. Therefore fasten the second lock as high as possible so that it is more difficult for thieves to break it or put pressure on it with bolt cutters.


Also fasten it as tight as possible by twisting the lock around the frame or post. This way it is almost impossible to turn the lock and break it.


4. Engrave your bike

Have your bicycle engraved with, for example, your postcode and house number. This makes it more difficult to sell the bike, because it is clearly visible that the bike already has (had) an owner.


5. Place the lock close to the valve

Thieves try to break open the ring lock with a screwdriver. By locking the ring lock against the valve, there is a risk of breaking the valve and a bicycle with a broken valve is of little use to thieves.


6. Drain your tyres

This may not be the most practical tip, but if your bike is parked in a place where it disappears several times it is worth considering. We know how annoying it is to ride a bike with an empty tyre and a bike thief likes to make things easy for himself. So let the tyres be deflated. It may take some extra time before you can get back on the road, but it is certainly worth a try.


7. Take the saddle with you

Never wondered why there are sometimes bikes without saddles? We have, but now we understand. Without the saddle, the bike is worth less and therefore less attractive to take along.

8. Park your bike in well-lit areas

The more light, the more uncomfortable it is for a bicycle thief. He'd rather makes his move in a dimly lit area where the chances of getting caught are much lower.


Let's hope we can outsmart the bicycle thieves now!

by Nancy Floris
14 February 2022