Aiming high with the Uproc6

FLYER Ambassador Alban Aubert

Alban Aubert is the original mountain bike adventurer and freerider. Originally from Western Switzerland, he has spent the last 20 years on his mountain bike exploring trails and summits all across the world. On his search for perfect trails and the ultimate mountain bike experience, Alban has always pushed the limits. When he rode up the Cerro Laguna Blanca mountain in Argentina, he was the first person to climb above 6,000 meters on a mountain e-bike. And in Ecuador, he set the world record for the longest descent of 5,078 meters on the Chimborazo volcano. However, it's not the records that drive him, but his passion for adventure and discovery, and his enthusiasm for the mountain bike.

Alban lives for mountain bikes. When his expeditions are not taking him to the furthest corners of the Earth, he dedicates his time to building and maintaining trails in his local area of Chaumont in Neuenburg. The “Mater Haut” trail there, with all its different types of jumps, is legendary among freeriders and downhill bikers. Alban has already tested his new Uproc6 here and loves it: “The Uproc6 has a really playful yet stable ride. The suspension is incredible and remains fully active even when braking. The frameset has huge reserves at high speeds or when tackling blocked passages and big jumps.”

This summer, Alban wants to explore new territory on the Uproc6. He’s set his sights on summits in Africa and Asia, but also has plenty of ideas for exciting projects in the Alps. Whatever he does, the Uproc6 will be the perfect companion!

Alban takes to the skies on his home turf in Chaumont.
First person to ride a bike on a volcano in Kamchatka, Russia.
by Thomas Knecht
24 February 2021