Bike lights and more

With the dark days approaching, it is important to have good lights on your bike. 


According to the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention BFU, visibility in traffic is four to five times higher if a pedestrian is wearing reflectors on clothing, wrists and ankles. For the safety of you and your loved ones, it’s essential to be visible on the road, especially in the dark.


A sad statistic says that around 80,000 people are hurt in traffic every year in Switzerland. Two hundred of them die. A lot of accidents happen in the dark. According to the BFU, the risk of having an accident is three times higher when it’s dark. The BFU has released this impressive video to show just how invisible runners can be in the dark. What do you think– how many runners are there in the video?


Visibility in the dark is also key for cyclists.


Our three tips will show you how best to be seen and how to ride your e-bike safely:


1. Lights on!

Ride with your lights on during the day as well to ensure that you can be seen from a long way off. All our FLYER models from the Tour & Urban collection are already equipped with excellent lights when delivered. If you are concerned that this will drain your battery, you can be reassured: The battery power used by the lights is negligible.


By the way: Since April 1, 2022, all e-bikes, including mountain e-bikes, in Switzerland are required to have daytime running lights.


Did you know that you can also equip your mountain e-bike with excellent lighting, so that you are clearly visible at all times, not only on the trails, but also while riding in everyday situations.? In fact, our mountain e-bike can be equipped with lights and mudguards through the clever and simple MonkeyLink system.

2. Reflective clothing

It is not only your bicycle lights that make you more visible to your surroundings. Wearing light clothes and reflectors on your body also makes it easier for you to be seen when you are out and about. Whether you choose functional clothing with printed reflective elements, shoes, a high visibility jacket, or even fluorescent socks, there are no limits to your creativity.

3. Light up your e-bike!

In addition to your front and back lights, there are further sources of light that you can attach to your FLYER e-bike:

  • White front reflector: Some front headlights already have integrated reflectors. If this is not the case for yours, your dealer will help you attach additional reflectors.
  • Reflectors on your front wheel and back wheel: Attach two yellow spoke reflectors or white reflective material to your spokes so that you are clearly visible from the side.
  • Reflectors on the pedals: There should be two yellow reflectors on the front and back of the pedal.

The combination of bicycle lights plus reflectors on your body and e-bike will ensure that you are safe and clearly visible at all times when you are out and about. Happy cycling!


by Nancy Floris
03 November 2022