E-bike rental: How to find the right bike for your needs

It’s not that easy to find the right e-bike to hire. Below, we will tell you what you should think about before renting an e-bike. You will also learn what is important to consider before signing a rental agreement.

Think about the type of e-bike you want to rent

First of all, you should think about the intended use. How do you want to use the rented e-bike? What use is it for you?



For a leisurely tour with friends?

If this is the case, you should focus on “comfort”.

Specifically: Look for a low step-through model with a comfortable saddle and easily adjustable handlebars for an upright seating position. For longer tours, check whether you can attach saddle bags or a basket and make sure that there is sufficient battery range.

FLYER recommendation: Gotour or Upstreet




To commute from A-B?

Your aim is to arrive quickly. Your focus should therefore be on models that provide assistance up to 45 km/h.

Specifically: A sporty model with a powerful motor and as much range as possible depending on the distance.

FLYER recommendation: Upstreet 7.23 HS (e.g. with Range Extender)



As an additional vehicle during a camper vacation?

Your keywords here should be “small and compact”. After all, the e-bike should be easy to store in the camper van.

Specifically: Ideally, an e-bike with a small wheel size that can be folded and can be used by different people without the need for a toolbox.

FLYER recommendation: Upstreet1 or Upstreet2 (foldable)



To discover trail riding?

Here, you should be looking out for “full suspension models”.

Specifically: Look for an e-mountain bike with full suspension (called Fully) that has a powerful motor and an adjustable seat post. So that any obstacle becomes child’s play.

FLYER recommendation: Uproc X




For testing purposes for a later purchase?

In this case, we recommend that you arrange an advance consultation. This will help you limit the model selection to bikes that will suit your needs. In most cases, you will be able to test different models during such an appointment. If you are still undecided between a few models after the appointment, it is worth comparing them extensively during a rental. Buying an e-bike is a major financial purchase, which is why we recommend that you rent your dream model for at least one day before you buy it. In most cases, you can even have the rental rate credited when you make your purchase.


Reading and comparing test reports can also help to make an initial choice.


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E-bike rental - What kind of e-bike?
E-bike rental - What kind of e-bike?

E-bike rental for city trips    

In recent years, hiring e-bikes for city trips has become an increasingly popular option for commuters and tourists. As a commuter, you can get from A to B quickly without being stuck in traffic for a long time. And as a tourist, you can discover as much of a city as possible in a short time.


There are various options for renting an e-bike in an urban area. We present two of them below:

E-bike rental from specialist dealers


If it is important to you that you are riding a well-maintained e-bike and that you have a point of contact should you have any problems, contact a specialist dealer. You’ll find plenty of these in a big city. A specialist dealer does not necessarily have a large rental fleet, but rather carefully selected models from different brands. A major advantage of renting an e-bike from a specialist is that you will be advised by experienced staff. The experts will help you choose the right e-bike for your needs and give you tips on how to use it in the city. Rental is often much more expensive than when you hire a bike from companies that only deal in rentals. However, this option is to be recommended if you intend to buy an e-bike in the near future.


The rental specialists often have a large rental fleet with identical models in different sizes. These shops are mainly found in holiday destinations. The aim of the business model is not to provide individual advice, but rather to process as many e-bike rentals as possible per day. The bikes are used more frequently and the staff often lack the specialist knowledge a qualified bicycle mechanic at a specialist dealer would be able to give. We recommend this option if you want to get a rental e-bike as quickly as possible and only have one day to explore a city.

E-bike rent - city ride
E-bike rent - city ride

E-bike rental at a pick-up station

More and more cities are offering rental stations where you can pick up and return your e-bike yourself. The lock can be opened using an app in which information on your credit card and identity card has been stored beforehand. This e-bike rental option offers you complete flexibility. This means that you can access an e-bike at any time 7 days a week and are not tied to shop opening hours. The downside is that the bikes are only as good as their maintenance. Here, there are major differences between the different providers. Good providers regularly check their fleet and lock the bikes for hire if they have received negative customer feedback via the app. We recommend this option to anyone who wants to use the e-bike for short trips (low costs!) and wants to be as flexible as possible in terms of time. In most cases, the rental period is a maximum of 24 hours, after which the bike must be returned to the station.


*The rental costs specified are for reference only. The costs naturally vary depending on the rental model and location

Up into the mountains on an e-bike


E-bike rentals are now also offered in many tourist regions. Rents in mountain regions are usually slightly more expensive than in the lowlands. This is due in particular to the fact that the focus is on the e-mountain bike. The maintenance of such a model, that has done good service over rough terrain, is more complex than that of a touring bike.


More and more mountain regions are gearing their infrastructure to (e-)mountain bike guests. For example, bike parks are being built, bus-bike shuttles are now on offer and gondolas are being expanded for bike transport. But the hotel industry is also undergoing a rethink. Many hotels now offer e-bikes for hire, offer special overnight packages and even offer group excursions.


Our recommendation: It is worth checking possible discounted package offers before you book your accommodation.


While you are out riding, it is important to respect nature, take the environment into consideration and respect others with different needs from your own. Check with the local rental office which routes you can use on your e-mountain bike.

E-bike rent - Mountain
E-bike rent - Mountain

E-bike rental for your next trip with friends and family


If you are looking for an active and environmentally friendly way to spend time with friends and family, e-bike rental may be a suitable option. With an e-bike, you can relax and cover longer distances while enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings.


Before renting an e-bike, it is important to make sure that everyone is able to ride one. It’s not rocket science, but people who haven’t ridden a bicycle for a long time should be particularly careful. Good support when getting back in the saddle for the first time and the appropriate seating position will help you get back on track.


It is also important to check that all participants are old enough. Young people aged 14 and over are allowed to ride e-bikes in Switzerland. You will need a category M driver’s license (motorcycles). From the age of 16, you no longer need a driver’s license for e-bikes at speeds of 25 km/h. For 45 km/h models, everyone needs a driver’s license – even adults (at least category M).


For small children: Ask the provider about child seats or trailers for the rental e-bike.


For groups in particular, it is essential to reserve e-bikes in advance. This has the advantage that on-site processing is all the faster. The providers of e-bike rentals often have an online booking option. This will allow you to check availability in advance and make an appointment with your group on the basis of this.


In the case of large groups, we also recommend viewing the route in advance. This will save you from encountering unpleasant surprises (e.g. closed sections of the trail). It also gives you a guide as to how much time you need to plan for the tour.


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E-bike rent - Tandem

What do you need to know if you want to rent an e-bike?

There are a few points you should consider when renting an e-bike so that you can enjoy the ride to the full.

by Gina Emmenegger
29 June 2023