FLYER CARES – doing good together with Velafrica

Our partnership with Velafrica is being prolonged. FLYER supports the Swiss organization that is creating prospects with bicycles in Switzerland and Africa. In 2022, 2 % of the revenue made from e-bike rentals and e-bike events in Huttwil will continue to flow into Velafrica’s “Bike to School” project. The amount will also be topped up by a Christmas donation.


The first 300 recycled bicycles left Switzerland for Ghana more than 25 years ago. These have been followed by a further 250,000 to date. By exporting unwanted bicycles, Velafrica encourages not only bicycle mobility but also social entrepreneurship. The exported bicycles arrive at bike centers, which are a key element for bike sales and repairs, training courses as well as jobs related to bicycles. Velafrica promotes vocational training and creates income opportunities by offering training places in these bike centers.


In rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, it is not uncommon for children to have to walk for two hours and be exposed to numerous risks. Velafrica is helping with its “Bike to School” project: children and young people from very poor backgrounds and who have long and dangerous journeys to school are given a bicycle at a discount, or in some cases completely free. To date, more than 5,000 pupils in Madagascar, Tanzania and South Africa have benefited from the “Bike to School” project. These will be joined by a further 4,000 children and young people by 2023 – including some in Burkina Faso.


Providing valuable assistance for education and sustainability is a matter close to our hearts at FYLER. Which is why we do not send out Christmas presents to customers and partners, but instead support Velafrica with an additional Christmas donation.


This year, Velafrica set a new record with more than 25,000 exported bicycles. With your help, this number could be raised even further.


More information about Velafrica and the “Bike to School” project can be found here:

Bike to School


Alice Machiy Bryon, 17 years old. Attends the Kaselya Secondary School. Lives with her family of 6 in Igegu, Tanzania. Before she was given a bike, it took her an hour to walk to school. She shares the bike with her younger sister.


Photos: Chimwemwe Mkandawire

by Nancy Floris
10 December 2021