FLYER e-bike tours in Morocco with “Fly me to the moon e-bike Marrakesh”

Through the desert on an e-bike

Winter is a cold, wet and dangerous time of year for e-bikes. Which is why most people pack their e-bike away in their cellars and wait until the season starts again in spring. But have you ever thought of going on an e-bike tour in winter at a pleasant 22°C? Because you can! “Fly me to the moon e-bike Marrakesh” offers various tours with FLYER e-bikes near the oriental city of Marrakesh.



When you talk about a mountain bike trail, most people think of mountains, forests or rocky paths, but you can also have great fun mountain biking in the desert. Two Swiss guys, Thierry and Jorg, also thought this would be a good idea. When they retired, they wanted to set up a business together that combined their passion for mountain biking with their favorite destination, Marrakesh, which led to them opening an office that organized e-bike tours in October 2021.

Various e-bike tours, from beginners to pros

There are a number of very different tours on offer: half-day rides, day trips and even 2-day tours. You can also choose between various locations, such as a eucalyptus forest or a canyon, with all tours starting in the Agafay Desert. The terrain is the ideal setting for long or short e-MTB tours. The tours are also divided into different levels of difficulty, with something for everyone, from beginners to pros. Of course, any e-MTB tour would not be complete without a hearty meal.


You can also book a catering service for each tour and enjoy the culinary delights of oriental dishes in the most beautiful locations. The ideal time to book a tour is between March – June and between September – December, because this is when the weather is best in Morocco, similar to the European seasons.


FLYER Uproc4 models are used on these tours. In keeping with the FLYER brand name, the founders thought about a good name for their venture that had something to do with FLYER. Which is how they came by the name “Fly me to the moon.”

Further services and plans for the future

The founders are planning to expand their offer even further, with a focus on various cities in Morocco. Marrakesh will be just one of many e-bike villages, with three more e-bike cities being added over the next three years. The main goal is to attract tourists from all over the world.


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by Mirlind Velijaj
12 January 2022