Ladies’ e-bikes: an overview of the different models

Owning an e-bike is not a gender issue. Both men and women are fascinated by the ecological means of transport. But which model is suitable for which area of application and are there also special ladies’ e-bike models?

The FLYER Urban e-bike for women

Urban comes from the Latin “urbanus,” which translates into German as “belonging to the city” or “urban”. This is precisely what we set great store by when developing the FLYER Urban Segment – on suitability for riding in cities. An Urban e-bike doesn’t just have to be functional, it also has to look good. In addition to functionality, the focus is correspondingly on the design. In short: a trekking bike with a sophisticated urban design.


A quick trip to the dentist’s or meeting a friend for coffee. Shopping, picking up the children from the nursery, driving to training or the office. The city offers thousands of opportunities to get on an e-bike. But which model is the right one?


These are our recommendations:

  • Upstreet (25 km/h): Comfortable and stylish on the road
  • Upstreet (45 km/h): Getting through the city from A to B as quickly as possible
  • Upstreet2 (25 km/h): In combination with public transport
  • Gotour3 (25 km/h): For transporting children / shopping

Can be easily extended with a child trailer or seat and offers a front rack for extra storage space.

Transporting valuable loads easily with the Gotour 3

Ladies’ e-bikes: Perfect for extensive touring

From a purely anatomical point of view, women and men are very different. Women are smaller, often lighter, have narrower shoulders and a wider pelvis. As a result, the body’s center of gravity is at a different point from that of a man. Women also tend to have a shorter upper body and longer legs. In the case of bicycles, there are traditionally low step-thru frames, referred to as ladies’ models, and bicycles with diamond frames, referred to as men’s models. As these terms are widely known, they are still used in the bike industry today. Nevertheless, FLYER does not offer any gender-specific models. This is because hardly anyone meets “the norm”. Because a bicycle with a ladies’ frame is not suitable for every woman. Just as not every man feels comfortable on a model with a men’s frame. Our e-bikes are therefore available in three frame shapes: Gents, Mixed, and Comfort. No matter what kind of frame it ultimately is, whether for ladies or men: much more important is that the selected e-bike has the right frame size and is adjusted to the rider and their needs.

Which e-bike do women recommend?

Our ambassador Luana Bühler is the best example of how a diamond frame, a men’s frame, also matches a lady. The TSG Hoffenheim soccer player and Swiss national player makes her way to the soccer pitch and the city on an Upstreet with a Gents frame.


For an extended tour, regardless of gender, we recommend a Tour or Crossover model.


If your focus is on range and comfort, the Gotour is the ideal companion. The performance of the 85 Nm Bosch motor and the 750 Wh battery performance allow you to spend countless hours on your e-bike. The upright seating position and the comfortable saddle contribute to maximum riding comfort.

If you need something a bit sportier, the Goroc X with full suspension is the perfect model. Its Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires offer ideal grip even on uneven surfaces. The Range Extender supplies the e-bike with an additional 540 Wh of battery power in addition to the standard 630 Wh. This gives you maximum range. Luggage for multi-day tours can be mounted on both models.


By the way, did you know that FLYER is part of Switzerland Tourism’s 100% Women Campaign?


FLYER offers the Bear Tour exclusively for women. This e-bike experience in the Emmental valley combines FLYER riding, culinary delights and great conversations between like-minded people.

Experience city rides, longer excursions and off-road rides on the Crossover e-bike

The e-bike market now offers seemingly endless possibilities. But it’s not only the options that such an e-bike has to offer: it’s also the possibilities. Should it be a model for the city or for off-road terrain? Or should the focus be on the range for long trips during the holidays?


According to psychologists, we have to make about 20,000 decisions every day. So it’s all the better when we don’t have to decide: The FLYER Crossover segment covers all areas of application. This means that there is no need to weigh things up and deliberate.


These are the advantages of a Crossover model, using the current Goroc X as an example:

  • Sporty seating position
  • Powerful 95 Nm Panasonic GX Ultimate Pro FIT motor
  • High battery range (standard: 630 Wh, with a second battery an additional 540 Wh)
  • Full suspension, 140 mm travel
  • High-quality, removable color display
  • Rack for attaching panniers
  • Sophisticated lighting (FLYER in-house development)
  • Front/rear fender
  • Frame sizes S-XL
  • 40 kg authorized trailer load

The powerful motor paired with the Range Extender (second battery) allows you to enjoy extensive touring. All without having to worry about finding a power outlet for charging on the go. The rack offers you the option of traveling with luggage for several days. If it rains, you will enjoy the fitted fenders. But there’s also plenty of fun on the trail. Thanks to the complete equipment and generous travel in the same way as a mountain e-bike, a detour through the woods is child’s play.


If you are not yet fully convinced, we recommend renting a Goroc X at our headquarters in Huttwil.

A mountain e-bike is also a good choice for women

A man is most likely to pay attention to the travel and fork brand when buying an e-MTB. We women sometimes get caught up in the color. Just a cliché? I, the author of this article, female, plead guilty.


When I bought my first FLYER mountain e-bike, a turquoise Uproc4, my main focus was on design. This is because I didn’t really do much research beforehand and primarily wanted to start biking as quickly as possible. To this day, I am very satisfied with my choice. Nevertheless, as an experienced biker, I would look out for other things when buying a new bike. For example, a mixed-wheel concept would be important to me. A 29-inch front wheel gives the e-MTB stability and makes it easy to ride over obstacles. The smaller 27.5-inch rear wheel, on the other hand, ensures agility and fun when cornering. I also need a powerful motor, paired with a battery with a high wattage.


I recommend the following when choosing a mountain bike for women:

Woman power on the mountain with the Uproc X
by Gina Emmenegger
08 May 2023