Six reasons why you should commute on an e-bike

The working day is often shaped by commuting to and from work by car or public transport. Congested roads, full trains and late buses in the morning and evening leave no doubt that many working people sometimes put in a great deal of effort. If you arrive at work stressed out, you won’t be motivated to give your best in your day-to-day work. This everyday ritual of commuting is all too familiar for many of us.


But don’t despair. More and more employees are finding that using their e-bike to commute to work is an excellent alternative, and rightly so! There are more than a few positive aspects:



1. An e-bike lets you to cover long distances without breaking into a sweat


The powerful motors on e-bikes will help you on your journey. This means you can scale even the steepest of inclines without much effort – and reach your destination without sweating. The Japanese wheel accessories manufacturer Shimano commissioned a study to look into why people sweat (less) on an e-bike. They also wanted to see if conclusions could be drawn about fitness. Shimano measured the physical efforts of e-bikers and evaluated this in a direct comparison with cyclists without electric assistance.


The result: participants on an e-bike broke out into a sweat 3.1 times (350 ml) less than those on a normal bicycle. In addition, there were hardly any sweat stains on the clothing of participants after the e-bike test, and only a low level of physical stress could be measured. By contrast, the clothing of the subjects on normal bicycles was very sweaty due to the high volume of sweat and the high rate of perceived exertion.



2. Pass congested roads in style and elegance on an e-bike


You rarely hear a radio program without half-hourly interruptions for traffic news. Everyone is familiar with and has experienced a traffic jam, and there is probably no one who likes it. On average, a person in Central Europe will be stuck in slow-moving traffic for 50 kilometers each year. Time that could be put to better use.


According to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, the number of traffic jams recorded on national roads almost doubled between 2010 and 2019! Congestion increased primarily due to overcrowded roads. (In 2020, the year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, around 19,860 traffic jams were registered on Swiss national roads. This corresponds to a decrease of 34 % compared to 2019.


With an e-bike, you can decide quickly and flexibly which route you want to take and effortlessly avoid any traffic jams on your way to work.

3. Say goodbye to the often tiresome search for a parking space


A study discovered that searching for a parking space causes enormous economic damage. According to this study, every German spends an average of 41 hours each year looking for a parking space. This was the result of an investigation carried out by the mobility service Inrix.


This loss of time, the additional exhaust fumes and increased consumption of diesel or gasoline result in annual costs of 40.4 billion euros in Germany alone. Searching for a parking space becomes a thing of the past on an e-bike.

4. Riding an e-bike is environmentally friendly


In terms of CO2 emissions, riding an e-bike is much better than driving a car or traveling by bus and train. This is the conclusion reached in a study by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research in Heidelberg. Figures from the Vrije University of Brussels from 2020 also corroborate this finding. According to this study, the CO2 emitted by an e-bike is between 7 and 7.8 grams per kilometer. The figure for an electric car is around 15 times higher. And with a combustion engine that runs on diesel fuel, this figure is 28 times bigger.

5. Riding an e-bike is good for your health and fitness


Exercising in the fresh air and sunlight (vitamin D) helps our psyche as well as our vitamin and hormone balance. In addition to the production of vitamin D, exercising also releases serotonin (the happiness hormone). Together with vitamin K, vitamin D ensures healthy bones, nerves and a strong immune system. Serotonin actively prevents depression and helps you become more resilient and less prone to stress. Riding an e-bike also keeps the cardiovascular system going and improves your sense of well-being. The workout trains the heart muscle and improves blood circulation. 


Correct cycling can also prevent back pain. Back pain can be caused by incorrect and one-sided strains during sports or by too little exercise. An incorrect distribution of load on the back reduces the natural nutrition of the intervertebral discs. Consequently, the intervertebral disc changes in such a way that it is no longer able to cushion impacts to the spine. The physical movement of riding a bike ensures a better supply of nutrition to the intervertebral disc, without this being compressed and having to carry the entire weight of the body. The muscle groups along the spine are trained and the cushioning effect of the intervertebral discs is maintained.


These positive aspects are just some of the decisive advantages in favor of commuting by e-bike.


6.  An e-bike will get you to your destination faster


Many of us have already discovered that, depending on how far we have to travel to work, an e-bike is often faster than a car and is not so nerve-wracking. On inner-city routes, e-bikes can easily keep up with cars – and are often even faster! This is particularly true of high-speed e-bikes, which can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h.

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by Dario La Cava
05 April 2022