Sustainable mobility and environmental responsibility

FLYER supports the “Solar Butterfly” climate protection project


The idea behind Solar Butterfly is to visit projects, pioneers, companies and politicians on a round-the-world trip with a solar-powered “Tiny House” and promote climate protection. The innovative solar vehicle entourage will be stopping by the e-bike pioneer FLYER in Huttwil on May 29, 2022. FLYER has been developing and assembling premium e-bikes at its Swiss headquarters for more than two decades, which is why it is considered an important pioneer for the success of electric bicycles in Europe. FLYER’s entire corporate culture has always been shaped by the concept of sustainability.

Solar Butterfly stops off at FLYER


Together with “Rent a Bike,” FLYER is supporting the Solar Butterfly e-bike tour and making a commitment to climate protection.


A crew led by Swiss solar pioneer Louis Palmer is embarking on this big, exciting journey in May. This global adventure will be launched by a four-day e-bike tour through Switzerland, starting on May 26 in Sachseln and finishing on May 29 in Huttwil at the FLYER headquarters. Tour participants can look forward to a visit to the FLYER company premises with interesting insights into the development and production of FLYER e-bikes.


The Swiss part of the Solar Butterfly tour not only follows some scenic cycling routes. Participants will gain insights into different companies and initiatives that stand for sustainable mobility and environmentally-oriented living and business at various stations along the way. FLYER and “Rent a Bike” are jointly supporting the Swiss stages with an e-bike fleet and are organizing an information stand on FLYER e-bikes at all locations.

Commitment to sustainability


The topic of social responsibility has a long tradition at FLYER. Sustainability has been deeply rooted in the company’s culture since its beginnings. In its pioneering role, FLYER has decisively shaped the development and breakthrough of the e-bike in Switzerland and throughout the German-speaking region as well as in the Benelux region, thus making an important contribution to sustainable transport development in Europe. FLYER produces premium e-bikes of an impressive durability. The FLYER headquarters in Huttwil is one of the first industrial buildings in Switzerland to be built to the Minergie Plus standard. Among other things, it has a large photovoltaic system to generate electricity, solar thermal power, a heat pump, rainwater utilization and special thermal insulation, which has a positive impact on the eco-balance.


Today, various FLYER sustainability projects are among the company’s key initiatives. The initiatives for people and the environment cover all business units and apart from major topics such as the regular recording of the ecological footprint of the company and its products or the FLYER supplier code of conduct, they also include many smaller activities. After all, every step towards greater sustainability counts.


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by Anja Knaus
22 April 2022