The Uproc X wins the 2022 Design & Innovation Award


Double pack!


“With the Uproc X, FLYER has found a new formula for the modern climbing machine: Thanks to its sophisticated geometry, the Uproc X positions riders perfectly on a mountain e-bike for steep inclines. The powerful Panasonic GX Ultimate motor delivers abundant power to transport the FLYER relentlessly up any mountain, while still being able to develop its 95 Nm torque tactfully in the smart automatic mode. FLYER combines the innovative motor system with the FIT 2.0 control system, which shines with high connectivity and digital features,” was the jury’s verdict.


What’s more, the Uproc X impressed the experts with its innovative carbon frame, whose sophisticated fastener ensures that the large 750 Wh battery sits firmly and is still easy to remove. The jury sees further advantages in the integrated Monkey Link interfaces for the easy installation of headlights and the successful integration of the Panasonic motor. The model that was tested was the FLYER Uproc X 9.50.


“We are delighted about the award for the Uproc X. We developed a new carbon frame and balanced the geometry down to the finest detail for this powerful bike. It was important to us that the bike is fun on every trail. The Design & Innovation Award jury has now impressively confirmed that our project team has come up with a perfect trail bike,” says FLYER Product Manager Philipp Suter.

With the Uproc X, FLYER has found a new formula for the modern climbing machine:
The jury

Technical highlights

The Uproc X, our all-mountain powerhouse. In addition to the innovative carbon frame, also offers a lot of torque and a powerful battery. The integration of FIT 2.0 also enables innovative functions in an intelligent overall system. The Uproc X offers you these and other technical highlights:


by Anja Knaus
20 January 2022