The Top Class: Uproc X and Goroc X

FLYER will be presenting a new all-mountain mountain e-bike and a crossover e-bike that can be used for a variety of purposes at the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen.


The Uproc X comes with a newly developed, progressively designed carbon frame and comfortable 150 mm travel at the front and rear. The Goroc X also has full suspension and achieves a battery capacity of up to 1290 Wh with the optional range extender. The two premium e-bikes are equipped with the new and powerful Panasonic Ultimate Pro FIT motor and the latest generation of the FIT 2.0 technology package. FIT 2.0 boasts intuitive operation, a new battery design, new displays and a new mobile app.

FLYER Uproc X – concentrated power for trail adventures

The Uproc X pushes the limits in the mountains and on trails. “We have balanced the geometry down to the finest detail and developed the 150 mm frameset so that the Uproc X performs just as well both downhill and uphill,” says Philipp Suter, Head of Product Development at FLYER. The newly developed premium carbon frame has a progressive design and, with its precisely coordinated rigidity, guarantees dynamic handling and plenty of freedom of movement off road. The four-link suspension design with 150 mm travel, carbon rocker link, large industrial bearings and specially tuned rear shock ensures control, safety and plenty of fun, both on and off roads. Thanks to the Panasonic GX Ultimate Pro Fit drive with a torque of 95 Nm and a peak performance of 600 watts, the Uproc X has plenty of thrust and the 750 Wh battery provides plenty of energy for long tours.


The battery is fastened in place with a bolt to guarantee a vibration-free fit of the fully integrated battery and this also makes it possible to replace it in a few simple steps using a size 6 Allen wrench. The top models boast an attractive, fully integrated stem/handlebar unit. All of the models have a MonkeyLink interface, to which a headlight can be connected in next to no time and which gets its current from the battery. With 29 inches at the front and 27.5 inches at the rear, the mixed wheel concept offers outstanding roll-over resistance as well as maximum grip and agility. This premium, all-mountain E-Fully leaves nothing to be desired. The FLYER Uproc X will be available from spring 2022 in two attractive colors and four equipment options from selected specialist dealers.

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FLYER Goroc X – the perfect companion with a long range on all terrains

The new Goroc X Crossover e-bike excels with its tremendous versatility, great power and huge range. Whether on tarmac or off road, on the way to work or with luggage on a bike trip, the powerful Goroc X with full suspension knows no limits. “This bike is a real SUV bike. With the very stable frame, the 140 mm rear travel and chunky tires, it rides safely even on unpaved and gravel roads,” explains Philipp Suter. The balanced geometry and sporty-comfortable position make the crossover bike a reliable partner that turns long journeys into a pleasure ride. For particularly long tours, the 750 Wh Battery can be supplemented with a range extender to provide a total battery capacity of 1290 Wh.


Thanks to the serial interface, the range extender can also be retrofitted at any time. The powerful new Panasonic GX Ultimate Pro FIT motor and the permissible total weight (kg) of up to 150 kg ensure smooth and stable handling, even with high loads. Cleverly designed details such as the internally routed cables, the speed sensor integrated into the frame and the rear light integrated in the rack make for an attractive, tidy look. In Switzerland, FLYER also offers the Goroc X as a high-speed model with assistance up to 45 km/h. The FLYER Goroc X will be available from selected specialist dealers from spring 2022 in two colors and four equipment options.

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New FIT 2.0 technology – intelligent system integration and adaptation to individual riding requirements

FIT 2.0 system integration enables intuitive operation and smart functions. Connectivity to the digital world is guaranteed with the new FIT app. In addition to connectivity, new functions bring practical advantages when riding. “Long-life mode” maximizes the battery lifetime and can be easily adjusted in the app. Another new feature is the boost function. This allows the motor to be briefly switched to turbo mode at any assistance level, a great help at a crossroads, for example. The easy-to-replace display can be upgraded at any time to a larger display.


by Anja Knaus
01 September 2021