Warm and dry through the cold season with the right e-bike clothing

If you don’t want to go without riding an e-bike in the fall and winter, it’s important to wear good clothes. Especially because the temperature often feels cooler than the weather forecast predicts. We have compiled a number of tips on how best to protect yourself in all weathers.

A saying that takes the wind out of the sails of many an excuse: “There is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing.” No wonder that a cozy evening in front of the TV initially sounds much more appealing than going out for a jog in the cold, fog and drizzle. But if you’re honest, you have to agree with the saying. This is probably why people have been using it for so long: There is in fact ideal clothing for every weather condition. And once you’ve started jogging, you can often even benefit from the foggy and rainy conditions – even if it’s just the hot shower afterwards.


What applies to jogging also applies to an off-road tour or commuting by e-bike. With the right clothing, the weather cannot limit e-bike enjoyment. How can you get through the cold months of the year staying dry and warm on an e-bike? Here are our tips:


Don’t forget to protect your eyes

Cycling goggles protect the eyes from wind, harmful UV rays and dust or flying insects. Unlike conventional sunglasses, bicycle goggles fit tightly to the head and the cold breeze does not cause watery eyes. Clear glasses provide sufficient visibility on cloudy days. Or even better: Photochromatic sunglasses that adapt to the light conditions.


In summary, the following is true during the colder months of the year: You should dress warmly, but not too warmly. If your clothing is too warm, you sweat excessively. A sweaty T-shirt that sticks coldly to your back increases the risk of catching a cold. In addition, a high-visibility fluorescent jacket, reflectors and powerful lighting complete the e-bike package for the fall and winter. We wish you a warm and dry ride.


by Regula Oppliger
27 October 2022