What you need to know when you are travelling to Switzerland

Turn on your light

When you go on holiday to Switzerland it is a great idea to bring your E-Bike. During the many tours you will be amazed by the beautiful sights to see. Good to know Switzerland has it’s own rules and regulation regarding the use of your E-Bike. Lucky for you, we are Swiss and will help you to avoid a 20 Swiss Francs (around 20 Euro) penalty.


As of the 1st of April 2022 you must always have your light on, also during the day. This was already mandatory for cars since 2014, but will apply to E-Bikes too as of this year. This rule is applicable for all areas around Switzerland, no exceptions. Turning on your lights during the day will make sure that you are better visible and will reduce the change of accidents to an minimum.

The solution: MonkeyLink! 

With MonkeyLink interfaces headlights can be easily clicked on and off with magnetic feeding. Another plus point of MonkeyLink is that the lighting is powered directly from the battery of the e-bike. However, the interface is not only made for headlights, mudguards or other accessories can also be changed easily and quickly. 


In almost all 2022 models is the already mounted from the factory and thus MonkeyLink ready! 

Speed meter for Speed pedelec

Taking your high speed to Switzerland? Be prepared! As of 1st of April 2024 alle high speed models, E-Bikes that go up to 45 km/h, need to have a speed meter. This is to avoid speeding in zones where the maximum speed is limited to 20 to 30 km/h.


E-Bikers who do not keep the speed limit on the speed pedelec can be fined more severely. However it is not only a fine for speeding, but also for E-Bike owners who ride without a speed meter.


So, when you are going to Switzerland for a cycling trip, make sure your e-bike is ready too.

by Dario La Cava
28 March 2022