When will you switch to an e-bike?

The fuel prices have risen extremely – and so have the cost for commuters. Beside the fuel – in larger cities traffic can be a nightmare. There are even cities that are banning the car from the center and you have to take a detour drive or rely on public transport. Timetables to take in consideration and traffic lights that seem to be on red for an eternity.

Maybe the rise of fuel prices is the biggest motivator to reconsider your options. Even larger distances can be easily done with an e-bike, especially with a high-speed model up to 45km/h. You save a lot of money, avoid traffic jams and don’t have to stick to timetables.


Beside all the savings you do on money and time, the e-bike is also very good for the environment and for your personal health. Can you imagine how much better you would feel, cycling to work every day?

More countries and cities are investing in a better infrastructure for e-bikes. ‘Cycle highways’ seem a new trend in many countries, assuring you a quick route from one city to another and also the coming of new and larger bike lanes are seen more often. An e-bike will give you the freedom to leave the house when you are ready, pass the traffic jams and have always a parking spot available.


Different researches show that the e-bike is not only cost sufficient, also it is much more relax then using the car or public transport. You find your way easily through traffic, the cost per km are relatively low (around 8 cents per kilometers, when you use your bike on a daily basis) and no extra cost, because you can park your e-bike for free.


When will you switch to an e-bike?

by Nancy Floris
01 July 2022