Winter e-biking pays off

With the e-bike through the white season

Just because the sun sets earlier and there is a hint of frost in the air doesn’t mean that you need to put away your e-bike gear. There are plenty of reasons to get out and about on an e-bike in winter too. 


Spring makes us feel happy. Summer is for long, warm days and autumn makes us think of mystical, misty mornings and the sound of golden leaves scrunching under our wheels. 


Winter, on the other hand, is dark, cold and wet in the eyes of us cyclists. This may be due to the fact that it is derived from the Old Norse words for “water” or “wet.” 


However, there are still plenty of reasons to climb onto your e-bike in winter too: 



Stay healthy 


If you use your e-bike in winter for sport or as an everyday vehicle to get to work or for shopping, this has the added advantage of strengthening your immune system. 


Sunlight also produces vitamin D. Vitamin D strengthens the bones and reduces the risk of disease. It also reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which helps make for a good night’s sleep. Research shows that as little as 30 minutes of cycling a day can improve your sleep.



Enjoy the view


Familiar views look even more spectacular in winter and you may discover things you might never have noticed before: a country house that is usually hidden behind a row of trees, or an interesting city silhouette that suddenly reveals itself.


A trip becomes even more impressive if snowflakes fall and transform the world around you. Everything becomes peaceful, the landscape takes on unusual forms and you alone are in the middle of it all.

In winter e-bike riding trains you


E-biking through the winter pays off in spring. You will feel fitter and are ready to go when the warmer, brighter days finally come. While you are already out and about, fair-weather cyclists still have to dust off their e-bikes. 


You can also train your balance in winter: good coordination is required when the ground becomes slippery. This trains your riding skills to ensure that you can control the e-bike safely in all conditions. 


When the road becomes icy and slippery, the situation is the same for all other vehicles: ride with foresight and plan ahead with safety reserves. 


Our conclusion 


A winter tour rewards you with some wonderful moments, improves your health and gives you a good feeling of being out in the fresh air. Winter e-biking is an unforgettable experience. On that note, off to the snow! With FLYER, of course. 

by Dario La Cava
21 December 2021