With the e-mountain bike, you can conquer any mountain

Steep inclines are child’s play thanks to motor assistance, and long distances can be mastered effortlessly even without intensive training.

The e-mountain bike is the ultimate piece of sports equipment for anyone who enjoys being outdoors. Did you use to sometimes find the climbs too steep or the route too long? With electric assistance, there are no longer any limits. Steep inclines are child’s play thanks to motor assistance, and long distances can be mastered effortlessly even without intensive training. Experience a whole new sense of freedom and adventure that only an e-MTB can offer!

The electric motor provides assistance when pedaling

E-mountain bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years. One of the most important components of these bikes is the electric motor, which assists the rider when pedaling. The electric motor offers numerous advantages that make riding an e-mountain bike a unique experience.

The motor only works if you also pedal. Depending on the type of assistance you choose, the force you apply to the pedals is only increased slightly. However, if you choose a powerful assistance level, your power will be multiplied. This allows you to master steep climbs or steps that you probably wouldn’t manage with a mountain bike without assistance. It also becomes possible to cover longer and more challenging routes without having to exhaust yourself completely. Long rides thus become a pleasure and you have plenty of time and energy left to enjoy the scenery.

An e-bike is also interesting for ambitious and fit mountain bikers. Are you tired of climbing up boring asphalt or unpaved roads just to reach an exciting trail? With the e-mountain bike, it is possible to take more challenging paths up to the summit. Thanks to an e-MTB, uphill trails with technical difficulties, such as steps, suddenly become fun. Suddenly, it’s not just downhill flow that counts, but also uphill flow.

As you can see, a motor increases the possibilities and offers you many variants for new challenges and adventures. You must continue to ride actively, pedal hard and do something good for your health. However, you can benefit from the electric assistance and choose for yourself how powerful it should be.


In summary, the electric motor is a great addition to a mountain bike. It assists the rider when pedaling, relieves the strain on longer tours and increases the possibilities of mountain biking – especially uphill. This makes mountain biking an unforgettable experience more than ever before.

Does the weight of the e-mountain bike offer stability and control when riding?

However, e-mountain bikes are heavier than conventional mountain bikes. The motor and battery in particular weigh quite a lot. Many people wonder whether the weight of the e-mountain bike is a disadvantage or whether in fact it is advantageous.


In fact, the heavier weight of an e-mountain bike can offer several advantages. It gives you more stability and control while riding. The weight of the motor and the battery is positioned deep within the frame of the bicycle, resulting in a lower center of gravity. This makes the bicycle more stable and easier to control. Fast descents on rough terrain become easier as impacts have less effect on the bike. The grip on bends also increases thanks to the heavier weight of an e-MTB. It is important that the weight is positioned as low and centrally as possible. When it comes to construction, the developers at FLYER attach great importance to good weight distribution.

Naturally, the greater weight also has disadvantages. It may be more difficult to maneuver the bicycle on narrow trails. The higher mass is reflected in a slightly greater inertia. In addition, the bicycle is, of course, heavier to carry – should that become necessary.


Overall, the heavier weight of an e-mountain bike offers both advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider these factors when choosing the right e-mountain bike and to choose a bicycle that meets your individual needs and requirements.

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E-mountain bikes are a good combination of challenges and thrills


A certain challenge and thrill are important ingredients for an exciting mountain bike day. Unlike conventional mountain bikes, e-mountain bikes enable riders to tackle long climbs with ease.  The nice and challenging side of an e-bike is that uphill is no longer only possible on roads and good paths. Trails that can only be ridden downhill on an organic bike are suddenly also accessible uphill thanks to an e-mountain bike. Even steps or technical sections that cannot even be ridden in your dreams with an organic bike can now suddenly be overcome. This is a lot of fun and always offers new challenges for experienced bikers.


It goes without saying that e-mountain bikes are also incredibly fun going downhill. The thrill doesn’t suffer a bit because of the motor and battery. On the contrary: Acceleration out of bends and short counter inclines are even more fun on an e-mountain bike. You can ride faster and discover new challenges even on familiar trails.


Riding an e-mountain bike can also help to make sport more accessible to a wider range of people. Thanks to electric assistance, older riders or those with limited mobility can face challenges that they would otherwise not be able to overcome.

When do you need an e-mountain bike?

The question should actually be: When don’t you need an e-mountain bike? If you want to reach your limits on every ride and train for a marathon, then you should ride a mountain bike without a motor. In all other cases, an e-mountain bike makes a lot of sense. Something you also need to know: Cross-country World Cup professionals also regularly train on e-mountain bikes. Optimal training control is possible thanks to the motor assistance, which can be adjusted in different stages.

Do you like being outdoors on two wheels? Do you want to do as many bike tours as possible? Do you want to have as much fun as possible on a mountain bike? Then an e-bike is just the thing for you.




If you are no longer ultra fit or need to take care of your health, an e-mountain bike is the right way to get around. You activate your musculoskeletal system and exercise your cardiovascular system without exerting yourself. At the same time, you’ll be spending time in the great outdoors.




The e-mountain bike is just as perfect for people who want to ride as many kilometers as possible on trails. Longer tours are possible with an e-MTB. Rather than just once, descents can now be made two or three times, as the e-mountain bike simply takes you back to the start much faster.

To summarize: The e-bike is a great choice for lots of people. Whether you want to challenge yourself or simply enjoy nature     . The e-mountain bike enables every rider to tailor the riding experience to their needs and to enjoy unforgettable experiences in the process.

You can find these e-mountain bikes at FLYER


FLYER was one of the first manufacturers to come up with an e-mountain bike with full suspension. The X Series from 2010 set new standards in terms of riding comfort and off-road capability. The sport of mountain biking and thus also FLYER’s e-MTB have evolved massively over the years. FLYER now offers three different mountain bikes. The Uproc2 as a trail hardtail, the Uproc X with full suspension in the all-mountain segment, and the uncompromising Uproc6 Enduro.

by Marco Alessandri
24 August 2023