Care tips for my FLYER e-bike.

Know the feeling? You get back from a long tour, the weather was a little rough, and now you and your FLYER e-bike are both dirty. Or you regularly commute with your e-bike – and a good, regular maintenance routine is important in this case, too. If you follow the care tips below, your e-bike will look virtually as good as new, even after it has been completely covered in dirt.


What do I need to clean my e-bike?

In order to remove any dirt from your FLYER e-bike efficiently and quickly, you will need the following items.

  • A bucket of lukewarm water
  • Bike shampoo – we use Bike Clean by Motorex
  • A brush
  • A sponge
  • A cloth
  • A chain cleaner – we use Easy Clean by Motorex
  • A chain lubricant

How to wash the frame of your e-bike.

First remove the battery from your e-bike. Then spray your FLYER e-bike generously with bike shampoo and let it set in for one or two minutes to ensure that all the dirt is easy to remove. Do not use normal washing-up liquid to clean your e-bike, as this usually dissolves grease, which is not good for the chain or the wheel bearings. You're better off investing in good products made specifically for bicycles. We use the Motorex Cleaning Kit. Once the bike shampoo has been left a while to do its job, start to remove the coarsest dirt with a damp sponge.
Then wipe down the frame with lukewarm water. Make sure you don't allow too much water to run into the battery interface. If needed, you can get protective caps for the battery interface from your FLYER dealer in order to prevent direct contact with dirt and water


Don’t forget to clean the wheels.

Once the frame is clean, focus on your e-bike’s wheels. These are usually the dirtiest part and, here again, there are things to be aware of. Wipe the wheel clean from the hub towards the rim to prevent dirt from getting into the wheel bearings.

Then dry off your FLYER e-bike with a clean, dry cloth. It’s best to start with the components that come into contact with the battery. Make sure that these are thoroughly dry before you use your e-bike again. The suspension fork and wheel bearings should also be thoroughly dried before the next use.


Cleaning and maintaining your e-bike chain.

The best way to clean the chain and components of the chain drive thoroughly and correctly is by using a special chain degreaser. Spray this onto the chain and the derailleur. Let the chain run by moving the pedals and work your way through the gears. Depending on how dirty the chain is, wipe it with a brush, repeating the process several times and wiping away any excess grease with a cloth when you’re done.


It's important to relubricate the chain every time you clean it. Use the right chain lubricant for your e-bike. The cassette doesn’t need any extra treatment, as it gets enough lubrication from the chain itself. Give the chain oil or spray enough time to work itself in – ideally you should leave it overnight before using your e-bike again.

Always ensure that there is no spray or oil on the wheel rims or the brake discs when lubricating the chain; otherwise a lubricating film will form, which could impair the effectiveness of the brakes.


Chain maintenance for your FLYER e-bike in the maintenance course in Huttwil

Regular e-bike maintenance from your dealer.

Remember to have your e-bike checked over and professionally serviced by your FLYER dealer about once a year. Do you want to find out more about caring for your e-bike? Then why not attend a FLYER maintenance course at our company in Huttwil? On the half-day course, you will not only be given valuable tips by professionals; you’ll also get a Motorex Cleaning Kit so you can regularly maintain your e-bike at home.


by Yvonne Wyss
04 November 2020