Corporate philosophy


As a leading producer and distributor of e-bikes, FLYER AG is fully focused on the needs of its customers and trading partners. All FLYER AG products are characterised by customer-oriented added value in terms of benefits, a high level of functionality, and innovative services. Our goal is to provide customers and partners with the best Swiss quality from the outset, to be reliable in terms of our products and services, and to stand out through high-quality services.

Areas of business

As an e-bike producer, FLYER AG covers the whole product range. Our FLYER e-bikes are divided into four main segments. 

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Core competencies

FLYER has the following core competencies:

1. Guaranteed Swiss quality

As a 100% exclusive e-bike manufacturer from Switzerland, FLYER specialises in the production of premium e-bikes. As a full-range supplier we fulfil every purpose, every need and the most varied demands with our comprehensive, individual, and extremely wide range of e-bikes.

The perfect quality of FLYER e-bikes is a result of our clear focus on e-bikes and our many decades of FLYER know-how. The development of stable, premium-quality frames where every detail has been carefully thought out and components that are meticulously calibrated to each other provide the basis for our FLYER e-bikes, which are produced in Huttwill. These sophisticated and detailed solutions allow FLYER e-bikes to enjoy an incomparably long service life.

The combination of safety, stability, comfort and a high level of functionality with ease of use results in the outstanding riding features of FLYER e-bikes. FLYER has thus set the international benchmark.

2. The future and a focus on what customers want

As a 100% e-bike specialist with our own research and development department, combined with many years of experience in this sector, we have always focussed on the integration of premium-quality components, including those specifically designed and developed for e-bikes. There are no compromises in terms of design. FLYER e-bikes are impressive with their carefully thought out and stylish design concept across all series. FLYER offers the appropriate e-bike for every taste.

We have developed our own brand-new integration technology, FIT (FLYER Intelligent Technology), to fulfil customer requirements to an even greater degree – both today and tomorrow.


The incredible feeling experienced when riding a FLYER e-bike cannot be expressed in words. This is why it is important to FLYER AG to provide visitors with a unique experience on site and to bring a FLYER smile to their faces.

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The staff of FLYER AG are our most valuable capital. The company's rapid growth requires great willingness to work hard. The family-based corporate culture, short decision-making paths, and good cooperation all contribute to an extremely positive working environment and make working for FLYER AG a unique experience.