Does e-biking promote health?

30 minutes of cycling a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. A relaxing commute to work by bike is enough to stimulate fat-burning and significantly improve your level of fitness. Does the same apply to e-bikes?


If you have already ridden an e-bike, you will know that although it provides assistance, it doesn't ride itself. Pedalling is considerably easier, which makes longer distances and routes with more hills easy to master. In this way, e-biking boosts your motivation to get into the saddle and move your body. And more often than not, a relaxing ride on your FLYER e-bike causes a contented smile to spread across your face.


As you ride an e-bike at a much more moderate intensity, it is less strenuous. This makes it is easy to exercise for half an hour a day, which is all it takes to significantly reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.


The lower level of exertion when pedalling and the fact that the electric drive reduces strain on your body means that e-biking is also particularly gentle on the joints. By selecting the appropriate assistance level, you can adjust the assistance according to your individual needs.


A daily ride on your FLYER e-bike not only stimulates fat-burning and circulation, but also protects your joints during physical exertion. After just four weeks you will notice that you feel considerably fitter on your rides.


by Yvonne Wyss
11 December 2019