Dynamic, stylish two-wheeling – with the new urban e-bikes from FLYER

We’re delighted to present our new FLYER urban e-bikes for the coming season. The 2021 model year again has a number of highlights in store.

In the overtaking lane on your way towards enhanced quality of life – the coming season again finds FLYER urban e-bikes tapping into an unlimited potential of efficiency and dynamism, turning mobility into an experience. They’re great for getting to work in the vibrant urban environment – with no parking worries! – and for enjoying a well-deserved spin on undulating country roads at the end of the working day.

FLYER Upstreet6 – the dynamic speed aesthete

We profiled our new FLYER Upstreet6 in the summer. Glide stylishly and flexibly through the rush hour. The high-performance hub motor delivers up to 825 watts of power for a spirited ride. The Upstreet6 is only available with pedal assistance up to 45 km/h for modern, fast commuting. Its fully integrated 810 Wh FLYER FIB battery offers an extra long range. Our Upstreet6 also boasts a dynamic appearance with clean lines and beautifully detailed solutions, such as the FIT D1 display that’s perfectly integrated into the stem.

FLYER Upstreet6 7.10, Black Gloss, modelyear 2021
FLYER Upstreet6, Black Gloss

FLYER Upstreet3 – the strong giant

The FLYER Upstreet3 literally goes the extra mile. Extra tall cyclists up to 2.15 m in height will find this the ideal e-bike for a wide range of everyday and leisure activities thanks to the additional XXL and XXXL frame sizes. Our Upstreet3 features particularly strong components and is approved for a total weight of up to 180 kg. It’s available with pedal assistance up to 25 km/h, or up to 45 km/h for fast commuting.

FLYER Upstreet3 7.23, Gast Silver Gloss, modelyear 2021
FLYER Upstreet3, Cast Silver Gloss

Proven urban classic for the 2021 model year

State-of-the-art technology meets sporty design in our 2021 FLYER Upstreet5. This classic now boasts an optional 750 Wh SIB battery for extra long tours, plus we’ve added new colours and a wide range of feature sets. The FLYER Upstreet5 is available with pedal assistance up to 25 km/h, or up to 45 km/h for fast commuting. This summer also saw us present our FLYER Upstreet5 Anniversary Edition in celebration of our 25th birthday. With its upmarket retro look and exclusive feature set, it’s a real eye-catcher.

FLYER Upstreet5 7.43, Mercury Red Gloss, modelyear 2021
FLYER Upstreet5, Mercury Red Gloss

Discover, too, our indefatigable long-distance runner, the FLYER Upstreet4, as well as our FLYER Upstreet2 folding bike and nimble city speedster, the FLYER Upstreet1. Our new models can be tested at your local FLYER dealership or at our headquarters in Huttwil.


by Yvonne Wyss
01 September 2020