Enjoy extra long tours – with the new touring e-bikes from FLYER

Do you like the idea of extended touring on an e-bike? Discover next season’s FLYER touring e-bikes.

Our 2021 FLYER e-bikes offer a blend of lightness and acceleration for limitless discovering and touring. Comfortable, reliable FLYER touring bikes expand every horizon as you spin effortlessly through the undulating countryside carrying all your luggage.

FLYER Gotour3 – the versatile family transporter

Everything the family needs. The versatile transport options provided by our new FLYER Gotour3 cover everything from the weekly shop to picnic trips with kids and paraphernalia in tow. Equipped with particularly strong components, the Gotour3 offers an increased permitted total weight of up to 180 kg. The robust front luggage rack, an integral part of the frame, is capable of carrying a 10 kg load. The integrated rear rack can take a load of 27 kg and has been tested and approved for the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi and Hamax Caress child seats. And the FLYER Gotour3 becomes the perfect family transporter with the new FLYER child trailer.

FLYER Gotour3 7.43, Pigeon Blue Gloss, modelyear 2021
FLYER Gotour3, Pigeon Blue Gloss

Our 2021 touring classics

Our advanced premium perfectionist, next season’s FLYER Gotour6 knows no bounds – or headwind. It’s now also available as a special model: the 7.12 XC runs on mountain bike tyres for enhanced off-road capability and comes in the understated colour Cast Silver Gloss. The model range is also available in a wide range of feature sets.

FLYER Gotour6 7.12XC, Cast Silver Gloss, modelyear 2021
FLYER Gotour6, Cast Silver Gloss

The FLYER Gotour5 and FLYER Gotour4 impress in the 2021 model year with superb comfort, making them ideal for extended tours. The second generation (Gen2) FLYER Gotour2 benefits from a refined new design featuring contemporary lines and a fully integrated battery. And the new FLYER Tandem makes every tour twice as much fun.

by Yvonne Wyss
01 September 2020