FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT)

Even more riding enjoyment and safety with FIT

FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT), which we developed ourselves, raises our E-Bikes to a completely new level on the evolutionary ladder. By networking all the key bicycle components, FIT optimises their interplay and allows us to integrate the best components into a complete system. FIT has revolutionised cycling: through enhanced comfort and safety, with smart functions, central control, and sophisticated sensor technology. And all in the package of our beautifully shaped and timeless design.


Integrated Intuitive Intelligent
FIT combines the best components into a perfectly harmonising system In a simple and well thought out manner with perfect ergonomics, FIT makes operating the system child's play With smart additional functions, FIT makes riding your FLYER even more fun


At a glance: the FLYER displays

With the FLYER high-end displays, you can see all the important riding information at all times – clearly laid out, razor sharp, and in colour. Reduced to the essential, the small D0 display is extremely simple to operate and impressive in its compact premium housing. On e-mountainbikes, it can also be mounted next to the stem to protect it against knocks. 


Small FLYER D0 Display

The large D1 display is particularly easy to read with its 3.5” colour screen, while its Bluetooth connectivity guarantees a wide range of functions such as navigation, heart rate monitoring and much more.


Easy to handle: the FLYER remotes

The ergonomic FLYER remotes let you control the display and assistance level without taking your hand off the handlebars, even when riding. The large backlit keys with vibration feedback guarantee ease of use even when wearing gloves or at night. With the FLYER RC1 remote, you have the option of changing gears either electronically using the toggle or in automatic mode.

FIT components – The best components integrated into a complete system

We develop and integrate the highest-quality components for our FIT system, and ensure that they are perfectly coordinated with each other. For the best riding experience, highest level of comfort, and outstanding user friendliness.

Panasonic GX Ultimate Motor

Weighing just 2,9 kg, the new Panasonic GX Ultimate is one of the lightest in its class, yet provides record levels of assistance with 90 Nm torque. The new drive unit is impressive with its constant power output across an extremely wide pedal cadence range, which means the best level of assistance is also guaranteed at a low pedal frequency.

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FLYER batteries

With their high-capacity batteries, FLYER E-Bikes with FIT are champions of both distance and altitude. The new FLYER seat tube battery STB-750 with 750 Wh guarantees record values in terms of range.


FLYER Smart Integrated battery (630 Wh)
FLYER Smart Integrated Battery SIB-630

Our SIB-630 Smart Integrated Battery and the two STB-630 and STB-750 seat tube batteries are also ideal to handle: they are easy to remove and can be charged directly on the bike or separately from the bike.

  • SIB-630 (630 Wh / 16.75 Ah / 36 V)
  • STB-630 (630 Wh / 16.75 Ah / 36 V)
  • STB-750 (750 Wh / 20.1 Ah / 36 V)

Further information about the battery

FLYER Seat Tube Battery STB-750

Intelligent additional functions

Combined with the 3,5-inch FLYER D1 colour display, FIT makes intelligent additional functions possible.

Health and fitness

Your heart rate is displayed directly on the display via a chest strap for pulse measurements. This means that with FIT you can ensure that you are always riding in your ideal healthy intensity range. The fitness function can also be used to check your performance in watts, your pedal frequency, and the calories burned.

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Whether you want to plan a tour, discover nature, find your way around town, or follow your friends’ tours, integrated GPS navigation makes all this possible. FIT supports the market-leading komoot app, thus opening the door to endless adventures.

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Integrated gears

The complete integration of the NuVinci Harmony gears into the FIT system means that gears can be changed fully automatically or manually. This is done via the FLYER operating console without a separate gear lever. E-Bikes with electronic Shimano Di2 gears show which gear you are in on the display.

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Individual range management

FIT allows individual and situation-based control of range and performance in the Eco, Standard and Auto mode.

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FIT functional overview

Overview of FIT functions