Five tips on using the correct assistance levels on the trail.

You can benefit from the various assistance levels of our FLYER e-mountainbikes on any trail. Let us explain how.

There are different versions of FLYER e-mountainbikes. Some come with a Panasonic motor and our own FLYER Intelligent Technology, while others come with Bosch e-bike system drives. Although the available assistance levels are similar for both types of drive, their names differ depending on the display.

Assistance level FLYER displays Bosch displays
High level of assistance High Turbo
Medium level of assistance Standard Tour
Low level of assistance Eco Eco
Mixed level of assistance Auto eMTB or Sport
No assistance* Off Off

*In “Off” mode, the motor provides no assistance at all, but all the on-board computer functions are available.

1. Assistance on steep terrain.

The “High” and “Turbo” assistance levels offer maximum assistance on extremely steep and regular inclines. This will allow you to master every pass and reach every summit.


2. Assistance on technically difficult terrain.

The “Auto” and “eMTB” or “Sport” assistance levels provide extremely dynamic and finely dispensed assistance. This is ideal for technically challenging inclines with root ledges or on loose ground. Based on your pedal pressure, the motor assistance adapts automatically to how you ride, without you having to switch assistance levels. This means that you constantly benefit from ideal assistance at exactly the right time.


3. Assistance on long tours.

The “Standard” and “Tour” assistance levels offer a good compromise between range and assistance. Without having to sacrifice too much assistance, you can still master longer tours without problems.


4. Assistance for extremely long tours.

The “Eco” mode offers the lowest assistance level. The effective, yet gentle assistance is aimed at maximum efficiency and long ranges.


5. Fine-tuning assistance levels.

If you have a FLYER e-bike with FIT, you can fine-tune the assistance levels via your display and decide on a tour-by-tour basis whether you want to focus on increased assistance or on a longer range.


by Yvonne Wyss
08 November 2019