FLYER Bag Gotour3

Lots of space for shopping!

This high-quality bag is designed to fit in the front luggage rack of the Gotour3 and makes it much easier to transport your weekly shopping by e-bike.


Plenty of storage space and a perfect fit


The bag was specially developed for the Gotour3 and fits perfectly into the front luggage rack.


Thanks to the generous dimensions (L 66 cm × W 33 cm × H 49 cm) of the bag and up to 10 kg loading capacity on the front rack, everyday life remains stress-free and worry-free.

Practical, quick to attach and safe to transport


The bag can be closed in just a few steps using the roll-top closure and attached to the side of the luggage rack using the elegant aluminum buckles. This ensures that your luggage stays safely in place, even on excursions on gravel roads.


The integrated carrying handles are particularly practical as they allow the bag to be carried easily and comfortably in everyday life. When the handles are not in use, they can be stowed in the side pockets.

High-quality materials


The meticulous workmanship with elegant details such as the shiny aluminum buckles is of high quality. Robust cotton fibers and a wax coating also make the bag particularly durable and provide better protection for both the transported luggage and the bag itself against moisture and cold temperatures.

Technical details of the FLYER Gotour3 bag


Dimensions L × W × H in cm: 66 x 33 x 49
Weight:                 800 g
Max. load: 10 kg
Bag closure:                Roll-top
Material: Cotton with wax coating

This bag is compatible with the front luggage rack of the FLYER Gotour3.