FLYER touring e-bikes from the new 2020 model year – increased power, less weight.

The new versions of our legendary FLYER comfort e-bikes are impressive with increased power and less weight in the 2020 model year.


The new generation of the comfortable FLYER Gotour5 and FLYER Gotour4 has been completely redeveloped for the 2020 model year. The new frame design of the two bikes with low step-through frames and 28-inch (Gotour5) and 26-inch (Gotour4) tyres guarantees an attractive and lighter silhouette and reduces weight while maintaining optimal stability.


From the 2020 model year onwards, we are also integrating the powerful Panasonic GX Ultimate drive into the FLYER Gotour5 and FLYER Gotour4. The tried-and-tested seating position, the comfortable saddle, and the height-adjustable handlebars with Speedlifter offer the highest level of comfort, which means that nothing will stand in the way of your next pleasure tour.


The FLYER Gotour6 is our premium perfectionist in the new model year, too. With its smooth and comfortable riding performance and its harmonious and whisper-quiet Bosch drive, the Gotour6 causes the FLYER smile to spread across your face.


Reduced to the essential, our FLYER Gotour2 offers everything expected of a high-quality e-bike. With a harmonious Bosch drive, a high level of riding stability, and a luggage rack battery that is easy to remove, our Gotour2 is your ideal companion for everyday riding and on extended e-bike tours.


Discover the fresh colours of our FLYER touring e-bikes. You can test-ride and order your FLYER e-bike from your FLYER dealer or at our headquarters in Huttwil.


by Yvonne Wyss
01 September 2019