FLYER Uproc7 and Uproc4 – the new flagships for the Alps.

With the Uproc7 and Uproc4, two brand-new FLYER e-mountainbikes are ready for any terrain. The Uproc7 with 160 mm suspension travel is a highly powerful Enduro bike, while the Uproc4 with 140 mm suspension travel is a particularly versatile all-mountain bike.

Both of the new premium e-mountain bikes are FLYER’s interpretation of the ultimate hybrid fun machine for any terrain: the perfect interaction of muscle power, e-support and a chassis that is ready for the toughest trails in the Alps.


Swiss precision and durability

The centrepiece of both new Uproc e-mountainbikes is the high-quality aluminium frame that is shaped using a complex hydroforming process and is optimally designed for the stresses and strains associated with challenging terrain. The chassis is based on our tried-and-tested four-link kinematics that have been optimised even further, respond even more sensitively and remain fully active during pedalling and braking. High-quality industrial bearings with large dimensions are used for all the pivot points of the chain stay, ensuring a long service life. Attractive detailed solutions such as cable routing inside the frame, discreet integration of the motor in a beautifully shaped aluminium motor cover or the speed sensor that is invisibly integrated into the dropout of the frame show a love of detail and emphasise the high-quality processing.


Smart battery integration

The smart partial integration of the battery is a characteristic feature of the new Uproc frames, making it easy to change the battery and guaranteeing that the battery remains securely attached even on bumpy terrain. The sealed L-shaped down tube construction also maximises frame rigidity, resulting in precise and confident handling.

Comfort and sportiness

The updated geometry with a flatter steering angle guarantees an even smoother ride and enhanced stability, while a steeper seating position ensures better climbing capabilities. The significantly reduced height of the top tube provides plenty of freedom of movement and comfort on any terrain. The voluminous 27.5”+ tyres and potent braking system ensure powerful and confident handling and maximum control.


The Panasonic GX ultimate motor: compact power pack

The new FLYER Uproc models are the first e-mountain bikes in the world to be fitted with the brand-new Panasonic GX Ultimate motor. Weighing just 2.9 kg, the new drive is one of the lightest on the market yet it provides record levels of assistance with 600 watts of peak performance, which is a great advantage on challenging and steep mountain inclines. The maximum torque of 90 Nm is also available even at a low pedalling frequency. Whether you prefer to pedal slowly in a higher gear or to let your legs whirl around in a low gear, the elastic GX Ultimate adapts to your individual riding style.


Altitude champions

With their large 630 Wh batteries developed by FLYER, the Uproc7 and Uproc4 rank amongst the altitude and range champions of e-mountainbikes. Thanks to FLYER Intelligent Technology (FIT), developed by FLYER itself, you can fine-tune the assistance levels via the D1 display. This means that on particularly long rides, you can reduce the level of assistance slightly to increase the range or you can even out differences in performance when biking with friends.


Rides like a mountain bike, only faster

Inveterate mountain bikers will be delighted with the new Uproc models, as they offer a ride just as flexible and fun as on a good non-electric mountain bike thanks to short chain stays and optimised weight distribution. Thanks to the slimline design of the Panasonic drive unit that ensures a narrow distance between the pedals (Q factor) and biomechanically optimised pedalling, the feel when pedalling is particularly pleasant. The narrow stance also minimises the risk of the pedals hitting things when riding on challenging single trails. FLYER, working closely with Panasonic engineers, invested a lot of time in the sensor technology so as to ensure that the assistance provided by the motor feels harmonious and natural. The benefits of this are particularly noticeable when it comes to technically challenging inclines: the powerful GX0 motor releases its power proportionally, allowing you to master steps and ledges with ease.


by Thomas Knecht
09 September 2019