Goroc TR:X


Whether on journeys of discovery to remote places lasting several days or in the middle of city traffic – the Goroc TR:X knows no bounds. Innovative technology integrated into a high-quality e-bike: Pinion’s built-in Motor.Gearbox.Unit provides a completely new riding and gearshift experience. So you’re literally always one step ahead.

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  • Next-generation sustainable mobility



With the Goroc TR:X, you are on the road sustainably. You do not cause any exhaust fumes or noise, and only take up a fraction of the space needed by drivers. This makes the e-bike one of the most environmentally friendly means of transport. What’s more, you can easily avoid traffic jams on your e-bike and almost always find a parking space right in front of where you want to go. This is what the mobility of the future looks like.



The Goroc TR:X offers sporty and direct handling with its first-class carbon mainframe. This is underlined by the outstanding performance of the MGU (Motor.Gearbox.Unit.), which supports you with 85 Nm torque and up to 400% assistance. Thanks to the full-suspension frame and wide tires, comfort and off-road capability do not fall by the wayside. Whether you’re commuting in the city, on a weekend trip in the countryside or in the mountains – the Goroc TR:X is the perfect companion. In our opinion, there is no SUV bike more versatile or of higher quality.


Motor and gears in one package

To date, an e-bike drive system has always consisted of two separate systems – gears and a motor. This changes with the new Motor.Gearbox.Unit., the “MGU” from Pinion. The motor merges with gear shifting in compact housing.


This ensures harmonious performance matched to the speed and a hitherto unprecedented gearshift performance. The gears are engaged at lightning speed, whether you are riding leisurely, pedaling powerfully or waiting for green at the traffic lights.


Powerful assistance and lightning-fast shifting

The Pinion MGU combines a wear-free motor and Pinion’s innovative 12-speed gearbox in a compact package. The integration means that all parts of the system work together as a single unit, enabling lightning-fast, crisp shifting operations in all situations and on any terrain.

Pinion Smart.Shift

The system always knows which gear you are in and adjusts the performance perfectly to the pedaling frequency. The result is a natural, harmonious shifting and riding feeling. The two functions Pre.Select and Start.Select are really smart:


With Pre.Select, the system automatically switches to the appropriate gear while riding without pedaling. When going downhill, you can get back into the pedals without kicking into “nothing” or having to shift up and down frantically beforehand.


Start.Select automatically switches to the predefined gear when stopping. So you don’t have to start off awkwardly when the wrong gear is engaged.

10,000 kilometers maintenance-free

Motor and gears form a single unit with the MGU. All moving parts are safely hidden from water and dirt behind industrial-grade seals. It is not a chain that is responsible for the transmission of power, but a belt. The maintenance interval? A 10-minute oil change after 10,000 km. That’s it.

“The well-known Pinion gearbox, which is very popular with frequent riders, combined with a powerful electric motor and state-of-the-art control system – that’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for at FLYER. For the first time, the new Pinion drive allows us to turn an e-bike into a real electric vehicle with automotive technology and offer our customers an unprecedented riding experience.”


Philipp Suter, Head of Product Management at FLYER AG

Functions and features

  • Pinion E-DRIVE
  • 700 Wh
    battery capacity
  • 29"
    wheel size
  • 130/130 mm

Goroc TR:X

Innovative adventurer

Goroc TR:X

Innovative adventurer

Two frame colors, four equipment options in frame sizes S-XL – which Goroc TR:X will be your future companion? Choose your favorite between the colors Curcuma Gloss and Enzian Blue Gloss and the various equipment options (incl. high-speed option).