Gotour – the e-bike for limitless adventures

Comfortable and relaxed on short or long distances – the new Gotour is the perfect e-bike for all explorers. Top-class motor and battery performance meet a comfortable seating position. The Gotour also boasts the latest technologies and a fresh design.

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  • With the Gotour.
    Recharge your batteries.

Recharge your batteries, recharge your life. Everyday life can be quite tough. Sitting at the computer all day long, balancing family, house and dog, regularly doing sport. Sometimes your personal batteries simply run out of power. A gentle tour after work, at the weekend or during your well-deserved vacation works wonders. Embark on endless adventures and recharge your personal batteries on the go.


Unlimited comfort

The upright seating position combined with a comfortable saddle make for a particularly pleasant riding experience. So you can spend countless hours on your bike. Exactly as many as are needed to fully recharge your batteries.

Powerful light

The bright FLYER light turns night into day with a large beam of light. Extensive after-work tours await you.

Maximum safety

For maximum safety, the Gotour is available with the latest anti-lock braking system (ABS). When you brake hard, the Gotour remains stable thanks to the ABS and allows you to stop safely.

The Gotour at a glance.

  • 750 Wh
    battery capacity
  • 28''
  • Up to 80 mm
    suspension travel
  • Bosch Smart System
    Performance Line CX (85 Nm)


For boundless adventures


For boundless adventures

Three colors, three frame shapes – which Gotour do you want to take you places in the future? Choose between the colors Enzian Blue, Frosty Sage and Cold Anthracite as well as the frame shapes Comfort, Mixed and Gents.

Who is the Gotour suitable for?

Regardless of whether your tour is short or long, you can sit comfortably on the Gotour. The touring e-bike offers you an upright seating position; the distance from the saddle to the handlebars is shorter than on a mountain bike, for example. This has the advantage that you can easily let your gaze wander into the distance – provided traffic permits, of course. The Gotour automatically invites you to relax and enjoy, but also proves itself a practical all-rounder in everyday life. With its top-class motor and battery performance, the Gotour will never let you down.


A touring e-bike can be used in a variety of ways. Do you see yourself as an everyday cyclist, a weekend excursionist or a bike traveler? Test the Gotour at a FLYER specialist dealer near you and see for yourself.

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  • Comfortable and relaxed on short or long journeys.
    Discover, experience, enjoy.

Maximum comfort thanks to high-quality components

With the Bosch Performance Line CX with a torque of 85 Nm, the Gotour offers plenty of acceleration. The reliable motor provides assistance on every tour. It can be easily controlled via the Intuvia display. The Bosch PowerTube battery with 750 Wh offers plenty of power to cover extended tours. What’s more, these high-quality components that the Gotour has to offer are impressive:

  • Available with the “Gates Carbon Drive” internal geared hub with belt, which is particularly high-quality and low-maintenance.
  • All models feature the bright FLYER ONE HL-2, which, with a brightness of 100 lux and an automatic LED daytime light, ensures that you can see and be seen on the road.
  • The anti-lock braking system (ABS) provides additional safety while riding and enables you to bring the e-bike to a safe stop.

Here you will find all the specifications of the different Gotour models.

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Advantages of an anti-lock braking system (ABS) for tour e-bikes

When they have to brake hard, e-bikers often use the rear brakes more than the front brakes. This is because they want to prevent the front wheel from slipping away, causing them to fall. With an integrated ABS, it is also possible to apply the brakes on the front wheel without losing control and stability. This particularly pays off on an e-bike tour, which occasionally takes you over gravel roads. With ABS, you brake more efficiently and your braking distance becomes shorter.


The anti-lock braking system (ABS) has proven its worth

The anti-lock braking system has featured in cars since the late 1970s. This system ensures that the vehicle remains steerable even when you have to brake hard. The system reduces and increases the brake pressure at very short intervals. Up to 40 times per second. This means that the wheels are not fully locked during braking and that steering is still possible. This technology is also increasingly being used in e-bikes to make braking even more efficient and safer.


The Gotour 7.10 ABS and 7.12 XC ABS models are equipped with the anti-lock braking system (ABS). It’s best to test the anti-lock braking system on a test ride.


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How is a touring e-bike different from an urban e-bike?

The main difference between a touring e-bike and an urban e-bike is their geometry. When it comes to an urban e-bike, the focus is often on making the journey to work as quickly as possible. An aerodynamically optimized position plays an important role here. On an urban e-bike, the rider leans forward in order to minimize the impact of the headwind. Some urban e-bikes offer assistance up to 45 km/h.


When you’re on a touring e-bike, the journey is often the destination. It’s not so much about getting to a place as quickly as possible. Rather, it’s about enjoying the landscape and being active. The seating position on a touring e-bike is therefore more upright, the handlebars closer to the saddle. Touring e-bikes provide assistance at speeds of up to 25 km/h.


However, the one does not rule out the other. An urban e-bike can naturally also be used for tours after work. At the same time, a touring e-bike makes it easy to commute to work.


A test ride is ideal for finding out which e-bike model you feel most comfortable with. We recommend that you book a test ride with us in Huttwil or at a FLYER specialist dealer near you and test different e-bikes.


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