How should I dispose of my old battery?

A battery generally lasts for around five years, depending on how much wear and tear it gets. After that, it’s time to get rid of it – but how? And what happens to it then?

A battery loses around 10% of its capacity every year. This is something you may have noticed on your smartphone or laptop as it gets older. However, the exact service life cannot be predicted as this also depends on the nature and duration of the stress to which it is subjected. We recommend that you buy a new battery roughly every five years. But what should you do with the old one?

As a customer, it is your duty to return old batteries. This means that you simply need to bring it back to your FLYER dealer – it’s easiest if you drop it off when you’re picking up your new one. The fee for battery disposal is already included in its purchase price. You must not throw the battery away with your household rubbish.


Once it has been returned to your dealer, your battery is then taken to a specialist recycling facility where it is reprocessed. Many of the raw materials in a battery are very scarce, so recycling has environmental and economic benefits and helps to conserve resources. With this in mind, you can see how important it is to return old batteries straight away.


To find out what you should be looking out for in your battery, you can read our tips or look in your operating instructions.

by Yvonne Wyss
10 October 2019