How to change the time on your FLYER e-bike.

Every time the clocks change, the same question gets asked – are they going forward or back? As it happens, there’s an easy way to remember. In spring, you push your e-bike forward out of your garage, while in the autumn you put it back. So now you know that the clocks go back in the autumn – but how exactly do you do that on your FLYER e-bike?


You have a FLYER e-bike with FIT

If you have a FLYER e-bike with FIT, open the settings menu. If you have a large display (D1), use the joystick to navigate all the way to the right. If your e-bike has a small display (D0), press and hold the “Mode” button for at least three seconds. Navigate to “Basic settings” and select this option. Here you will find the “Time” menu, where you can set the current time. To confirm your entry, press the joystick or press the “Mode” button twice, depending on what type of display you have.


You have a FLYER e-bike with a Bosch drive.

If your Bosch display has GPS – as is the case with the Bosch Nyon, for example – the time is set automatically, so you don’t have to do anything. If it doesn’t have GPS, for instance if you have the Bosch Intuvia, it’s still easy to change the time manually.

For the Bosch Intuvia, open the settings menu by pressing the “Reset” and “Info” buttons at the same time. The first item in the menu is the time, which you can then set as required. For the Bosch Kiox display, the time options are under “System settings” in the settings menu.

For more information on your display and its functions and settings, consult your operating instructions.


by Yvonne Wyss
24 March 2023