How to commute with your FLYER e-bike.

People in Switzerland cover an average distance of ten kilometres on their daily journey to work. An e-bike is the fastest means of transport for this distance range. It is high time to change how you travel, and we will show you how.


Not all e-bikes are the same.

The fact that we all have different tastes also applies to e-bikes. Our FLYER Upstreet5 is the classic commuter bike par excellence. The Upstreet4, our marathon athlete with the option of a second battery, is the perfect choice if your journey is a little longer than expected. The FLYER Upstreet1, on the other hand, ensures that you can get through the hustle and bustle of town particularly quickly. One of our models is sure to be the right companion for you.


Perfectly equipped.

If you have a good pair of gloves and a sporty, waterproof jacket, you can get onto your FLYER e-bike on colder days, too. Make sure that you wear clearly visible clothing and reflectors so that you can be seen when you are out and about.


Keep your eyes open when selecting your route.

In most cities and urban areas there is an extensive network of cycle paths. If you ride on these, you will not only be safe, but also very fast as you won't have to wait in traffic jams on your e-bike.


Let's go!

What are you waiting for? Commuting to work every day on your e-bike will ensure your journey is fast and convenient as you will be able to avoid traffic jams, waiting times, and a great deal of stress. In addition, the motor assistance makes pedalling easier, which means that you will get to work on your FLYER e-bike feeling fresh rather than drenched in perspiration. At the same time, the daily exercise will improve your health and, after a few weeks, you will feel much fitter as you ride your bike.


If you do not have a FLYER e-bike yet and would like to try one out, you can test ride or rent the FLYER e-bike of your choice from your local FLYER dealer or from our headquarters in Huttwil.


by Marlies Burkhard
22 November 2019